It is has been said that the movement of a butterfly’s wings in one part of the world can contribute to the formation of a hurricane in another part of the world. How can this be? How can what I do where I live affect thousands of others in another part of the planet?

If this is so, then my responsibility for my actions increases exponentially. It means what I do an as an individual affects others whether I realize it or not. What if I wake up one day and understand that I do have a connection to all my sisters and brothers on this planet, that we are all One. That what I choose to think and the actions I take affect not only me and those around me, but the world….people and places with faces I have never seen.

If this possibility exists, then I need to choose my thoughts and actions carefully. I am sending gifts to unknown recipients. I want those gifts to be a source of help to all. I want the beating of my butterfly wings to bring thoughts of love, not fear, laughter not frowns, acceptance not intolerance, connection not division.

Sometimes there is a war inside of me. It grows less as I grow spiritually. But occasionally it still wages its violence and takes its toll on me. It is my challenge to release fear and know that the energy of love and compassion is all there truly is. I make up the fear; it doesn’t really exist. The battlefield of my mind connects with my body and sometimes I feel tired and drained. And then love finds an opening and sneaks onto the field turning the minefields into flowers and stopping the bullets in their path, dissolving them into light.

I will transform this conflict within me step by step by recognizing that love is my choice, not fear. And as I do this, my light will shine more brightly and my heart will emanate a beautiful energy to all around. As the energy spreads and joins with others of like mind on the planet, the inner peace quiets the outer conflict, washing over it in waves until the fear looks at the gun in its hand and says, no more.

It doesn’t matter the problem, I want to send a vibration of my wings over the airwaves to work with others to brighten the light for us all. I want my choices to foster multiplication not division. I want my butterfly wings to embrace with love, not beat the flames of fear.

My butterfly wings are your butterfly wings. There is no you or I. We are all the same wing, each beating in synchronicity, resonating with love and kindness because that is the essence of who we truly are. That is our choice in every moment. The beautiful butterfly is each and every one of us. When we move our wings as one, we can create a hurricane of light, filled with healing and compassion for us all.

Copyright 2008 Andrea Avari Stevens, Ph.D.

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Andrea Avari, Ph.D. is an intuitive spiritual coach working with clients to balance and integrate wellness, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. She is the author of A Hit of Heaven: a soul’s journey through illusion. Her next book, Letters from a Lunatic in Love: creating soulful relationships will be available at the end of the year.