The creation of the internet has been a godsend for shy men everywhere. Before the internet existed you actually had to approach women to get a date. In real life! Scary I know. Just imagine the multitude of nightmare scenarios that could unfold.

You might say something dumb to an attractive woman, scaring you forever with the awful memory of what was said. She might laugh at you. Or worse, if she’s with a group of women they might all ridicule you! You might ask for her phone number and she may say “No.” Oh the horrors!

Thankfully for you, there are now huge amounts of online dating sites available for shy men to choose from. You no longer need to visit clubs, bars, and grocery stores to meet women. Rather than walking right up to an attractive woman in real life, you can meet them online through the wonders of email. If that’s still too scary, at some dating sites you can send them a virtual wink. Maybe they’ll wink back!

Once you’ve made initial contact with a woman online, you can chat to your hearts content. You can be whomever you wish and she’ll never know the extent of your shyness. That is until she wants to speak with you on the phone! Worse, eventually you may even find someone that wants to meet you in real life. Oh no!

Dating sites can be a useful tool, but some men use them as a crutch. Why force yourself to develop any type of real courage with women when you can just email them for a date. Part of developing character and personality involves taking risks and making mistakes. If you never allow yourself to stumble and learn, you’re selling yourself short.

When I was younger I said some really dumb things to women. I was immature and I got shot down many times. But I learned from my mistakes. That’s how you develop maturity and wisdom. I learned what works and what doesn’t. I tried different approaches based upon changing circumstances. I was able to develop as a man and in the process, kill any shyness left over from my childhood.

Nowadays guys don’t even have to leave their home to meet women. Between playing online video games 24/7 and chatting on My Space, many of them never attempt to go out and develop real social skills.

Dating sites should be one tool in a man’s arsenal. Online dating sites should be used to expand the ways in which you meet women. Men should still get out and meet women the old fashioned way, in person! If all you ever do is chat online, you’re crippling your social skills.

There are no emotes in real life. Get out there and meet women today!

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