If you have no college degree till date, now you can go for it opting for an online degree program, no matter what your age is. The online degree programs are offered in various fields by many universities.

The online degree programs are of various types and these are:

o Undergraduate
o Associate
o Bachelor
o Masters
o Doctorate

The associate, bachelor and master degree can be in two fields; arts and science.

The common college degree which is of four years is the bachelor’s degree and when you are opting for an online degree it typically comprises of 120-128 credits.

If you are going for a Master’s degree then in US there are two forms of degrees available one in art another one in science. To get an online master’s degree in USA you need to have completed one to three years of concentrated study.

Important online degree programs and its job prospects.

The online degree programs which are gaining immense popularity with time include the following

a) Teaching/Education: You can have a bachelor’s degree in this field of study and after that pursue a master’s degree too. After the completion of the degree program you can have the work of a curriculum designer or be a teacher of special education
b) Nonprofit Management: This is another field where there are constant needs of talented and qualified individuals. After the completion of a associate or a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in this online degree program you can work for the welfare of the society and the individuals
c) Public Health: If you have a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in public health and have the passion for working for the welfare of the society then you can choose the public health department. The job prospects come as nutritionist, public health welfare office promoting preventive measures for diseases.
d) Human Services: After the completion of a degree in this online degree program you can work as a career counselor, mental health aide and case manager. It is preferable that you go for a minimum of a bachelor’s degree if you are opting for this course
e) Political Science: If you have an online degree in political science then you can have the opportunity of working in the areas such as getting involved in public policy making, research and political lobbying.
f) Journalism and Communication: Those of you who prefer to write for them an online degree in journalism and communication is the ideal choice. You can go either for a bachelor’s degree or for a master’s degree in journalism and communication. After the completion of the degree you can work as a journalist in any local, national and regional print publication or for the public relation department of any organization.
g) Nursing: It is another field in which you would find excellent job prospect and therefore in the recent years it has become one of the popular online degree programs. If you have a master’s degree in nursing then you can become work as a practicing nurse, midwife, nurse anesthetist and clinical nurse specialist.

The job prospects and the variety of programs available online is making people attracted more and more towards the online degree programs.

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