Dr. Helaine Smith, a Boston-based dental expert, recently published her second e-book, Keep Your Body Healthy . . . Brush Your Teeth!. A free e-book, "Keep Your Body Healthy . . . Brush Your Teeth!", explains why brushing and flossing your teeth every day can help prevent other diseases in the body, including heart disease and diabetes, as well as potentially lowering the risk of low-birth weight babies and preeclampsia.

Dr. Smith, a passionate believer in educating the public about oral health care, developed Keep Your Body Healthy . . . Brush Your Teeth! to clarify popular misconceptions about good oral hygiene, gum disease, and overall health to her patients and the general public. "In recent years," says Dr. Smith, "the scientific community, the federal government, and the American Dental Association have all devoted increased attention to the importance of maintaining oral health for whole body health. There's a revolutionary understanding among the scientific community of the importance of vigilant oral hygiene in order to minimize the risk of diseases ranging from throat cancer to atherosclerosis."

"Despite this better understanding," says Dr. Smith, "many patients were coming into my office with questions about the new findings. For example, research has proven that untreated periodontal disease can cause low birth-weight babies and even miscarriages -- yet women still do not know they should visit a dentist before getting pregnant in order to ensure they have healthy teeth and gums."

Keep Your Body Healthy . . . Brush Your Teeth! helps consumers determine whether they are at risk for periodontal disease (also known as gum disease) by outlining the lifestyle choices and medical conditions that make individuals more susceptible to the disease. Dr. Smith explains the potential consequences of leaving periodontal disease untreated and provides prevention and treatment options for those who have been diagnosed with the disease.

In addition to her e-book, Dr. Smith has developed YouTube videos, a dental blog, and a content-rich and educational dental Website in order to educate consumers about good oral health care. In her YouTube videos, for example, she demonstrates how to get tested for oral cancer and new technologies that allow for painless dental injections.

Author's Bio: 

A passionate advocate for educating consumers about dentistry, Helaine Smith, DMD owns two thriving dental offices - a cosmetic dental spa and a family dental practice - in the Boston area. Dr. Smith is a featured columnist for DrBicuspid.com and is the author of the popular "Healthy Mouth, Healthy Sex!" e-book, featured in the book, World Wide Rave (Wiley, March 2009), by David Meerman Scott. She can be reached via her Website at content-rich and educational dental Website .