As business leaders we want our companies to be vibrant, innovative, creative and top leaders in our field. Organizations often find that they are struggling to achieve this. What happens within the organization that it gets off track or out of alignment? Organizations, like people, have the ability to operate within perfect health, but what the conversation around the coffee pot or the water cooler often is, is about the dysfunction within the organization, the frustrations of the staff and the negative energy floating and breeding among the organizational community.

Compass Rose Consulting, LLC is a new company, using a new approach to organizational development, with a focus on the health and balance of the organization. Using simple frameworks we enter quickly into a deep level of discussion, assessment and diagnosis of the current state of health. This diagnosis phase allows the organizational leadership to obtain needed information from staff and managers about their perception of the organization. Often the reality of the organization for staff is different from that of the CEO. Using participatory meeting methodology everyone vital to the organization is invited to be a part of the diagnosis. The process of diagnosis can itself be healing in that it opens the door for conversation, listening and open communication. The potential outcomes for an organization are dramatic and vital, including improved functioning, increased productivity, increased financial health and employee satisfaction.

As leaders we know that our number one resources are the people within the organization. They remain number one in the diagnosis of health and balance as well. They are the key to knowing what the issues are and what the solutions are. Their knowledge and wisdom are the basis of the diagnosis of the company and the plan for regeneration. Each company has within it the wisdom to achieve health and balance. The compass is a tool used in wilderness travel or oceanic travel to guide the traveler, the boat, the hiker on their path. Compass Rose Consulting, LLC provides the tools and frameworks to guide the company on its right path.

How do you know if the health and balance of the company is out of alignment?
Do you experience behaviors in your company or organization like: apathy, depression, judging, controlling, telling, regulating. Are people excited to come to work each day, enthusiastic about their work and the community of people they are working with? Or is there complaining, frustration, lack of motivation? These are signs that the workplace is not thriving as much as it could be.

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