Does this sound familiar?

You go on a date with someone. And it's Great.

You look good. You feel good. You connect with this person. You laugh. It feels like you could talk for days. And when you say "good-bye" you can't wait for the next time...

Because you're Absolutely, Positively Sure there WILL be a NEXT time.

And then...Nothing.

Poof. He's gone.

No call. No e-mail. No text.

And it feels horrible.

So you speculate...Maybe he's sick or lost my number???

And you re-enact...What could have possibly gone wrong???

And you poll your friends...What do YOU think???

And you wait...

And wait...

For the bloody phone to ring.

And it doesn't.

And it's driving you friggin' insane because...

You don't know what the "#$@*!" happened!

So what do you do???

1. Don't Take it Personally

Because it's not.

Men are logical. They know in advance if they're interested in dating or courting a woman. And there are significant differences in the two.

Dating is having fun for the moment.

Courting is planning for the long term.

If he's interested in dating, he's not going to court you. Period.

He may have sensed on the date that you were more interested in courtship rather than having fun and casual sex.

If a man doesn't call back, chances are he's not ready for a committed relationship.

2. Mark Your Calendar

It's common for a man to take 10 to 14 days to call back a woman.

Now before you start gettin' all wiggy...if he's Really Into You, he's gonna call sooner. I'm talkin' about the ones who don't!

Men operate on VERY different time lines than women. Men's brains are designed VERY differently from a woman's. (It doesn't take a scientist to figure that out! :))

It could take a man up to 8 WEEKS to call you back. (Yes. Seriously.) It could take him that long to process a decision to call.

So mark your calendar and be receptive if/when you hear from him.

3. Don't CALL HIM

Or e-mail. Or text. Or whatever! Wait it out!

His NOT calling is giving you lots of information on where he's at.

You don't wanna be chasing him if he's not into you!

If you haven't heard from him...AFTER eight can send him a non-verbal salutation. Perhaps a short e-mail or greeting card could "jump start" him back into action.

If he doesn't respond, move on. He's simply not available.

4. Keep Yourself Out There

Stay open to dating others.

Best word in the English dictionary is "Next." If he's not interested, someone else will be.

So dress up, go out and attract someone new.

Many times we send out signals that are misperceived because we're unaware of our own behavior and how we're being interpreted.

Author's Bio: 

Cherry Norris is a renowned celebrity dating coach, workshop director and popular speaker. Based in Los Angeles, California, Cherry is an official dating coach for Cupid's Coach matchmaking service and the relationship expert on Catherine Oxenberg's TV pilot, Practical Princess. She has lead workshops around the US and on cruises to Mexico and Alaska. She has been featured in The LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Divine Caroline, and Women's World.

Cherry's passion is helping people build healthy, intimate romantic relationships. Under her direction, you will learn the skills and techniques for dating that will have you starring in the role of a lifetime opposite the co-star you've been waiting for!

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