Each person is like an energy box (or energy system to the scientists). Energy comes in and flows out and what remains determines the energy state of that box or system. When the state of energy is high and of good quality, then the box (a person) feels well. When we are lacking in energy, then we, like any instrument or being, do not function well.

The one source of all life energy is the universal cosmic consciousness. This consciousness is the universal source of all energy, regardless of the form that energy may temporarily take. Energy flows into the box from this universal source. Each of us has a differing degree of opening towards this universal energy source. Some are more open and thus receive more energy than others. Prayer, meditation, deep relaxation and a balanced way of life, as well as a positive mental attitude, develop a greater energy contact with this universal source, which most of us call God.

This energy, however, does not remain in our system, but is used in various ways for various purposes from heating the body and digesting, to thinking, walking, creating new cells, expressing emotions and growing spiritually. There is one energy source and it is distributed by each individual according to his or her needs, desires, beliefs, fears, attachments and actions.

Much energy is lost around food, especially because we eat more than we need, and eat the wrong substances. This creates a significant energy drain, as the body tries to handle this great demand of dealing with these large quantities of unnatural substances.

We loose a great deal of energy through needless talking, which not only expends energy, but often creates feelings of separateness, antagonism and competitiveness, which then require additional amounts of emotional energy to deal with.

The endless search for security, happiness and affirmation through external factors, persons and situations is another important energy loss, as ninety percent of our energy goes into this vain pursuit of happiness through the external world.

We also loose large portions of energy through anxiety and negative thinking. We spend much time and energy worrying about what might happen, or about what happened in the past, and thus are not able to take energy from the only real source which is in the present. Whoever lives mentally in the future or past will not have contact with this energy source except during the hours of deep sleep.

Thus, although we have incarnated for specific purposes of learning and growing emotionally, mentally and spiritually and for manifesting certain missions of service here on earth, a rather insignificant amount of energy manages to flow in that direction. Most is lost through the various energy leaks and little or none ends up flowing towards our actual life goal.

But these leaks are not our only problem. We also have certain inner blockages to energy flow, which trap the energy within the system, not allowing it to flow outward. That causes a stagnation of energy flow, which is destructive to the system itself. This manifests as suppressed negative emotions such as fear, guilt and doubt, which prevent us from manifesting our full potential of energy flow towards our life goals.

Few people live in such a way that large portions of their life energy flow towards their spiritual life purpose. In addition to the previously mentioned obstacles, one other major obstacle is that they have not yet realized that they have a life goal (beyond survival, pleasure and self affirmation) or, if they have, they have not discovered what exactly it is.

What do we need to do? We need to make a system's analysis of our energy flow. First of all we need to plug up the leaks such as overeating, talking, socializing too much, chasing after external sources of happiness and the tendency towards fear and anxiety. Secondly we need to work on removing the inner blockages of fear, guilt and self-doubt. Thirdly we need to discover the purpose for which we have taken this incarnation. Included in that purpose there will be both what we have come to learn and what we have come to offer.

Lastly we need to open up our aperture towards the universal energy source, so that we can channel an ever-greater flow of cosmic energy towards our life goal, in the form of thoughts, words and actions.

The first ecology system, which needs harmonizing, is our own life energy system.

From the book "Contemporary Parables"
by Robert Elias Najemy

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