I went to the Abraham Hicks Art of Allowing Workshop on Sunday October 5 in Tarrytown, NY. It was my third workshop, so I knew what to expect. I wasn't disappointed - it was a transforming experience.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating parts of it was when I went to purchase the CD recording of the event. It brought me around to who I really am.

Background information: In the beginning of 2008 I entered into a business deal with someone who was producing a personal development series. She needed some capital to get things started and was seeking investors at $2500.00 each. The arrangements were to have $3000.00 returned within a month, plus preferential status in distribution royalties for the program.

It seemed great. I had a few conversations and it seemed her drive and integrity were above reproach. I hesitated a bit, took a leap of faith, got a faxed contract and Express Mailed a check.

Communication between us was brisk at first, then slowed down. Eventually it stopped. I kept my faith, though I did start inquiring more assertively about what was going on.

After six weeks I sent a note saying I was going to exercise my legal options if I didn't hear from her. I got a quick response apologizing and hearing about an ill grandmother and an assistant who absconded with the money. We reach an alternate agreement: a certain amount per month until everything was paid back.

That was five months ago. I haven't heard from her since, other than to tell me about a "big project" that was on the horizon.

I've tried to respond by phone: disconnected. I tried to reach her website: taken down. Emails: not returned. Mailing address is an office suite: no doubt abandoned.

Larry's recourse to collect on this debt: zero. At least until she resurfaces in public.

So like every other human in the world I went through the typical reactions: insanely angry at her, insanely angry at myself for allowing myself to be played so easily. And eventually getting around to a place of appreciation of the event. Lessons learned about trying to make something happen before its time. Due diligence in potential business partners. A genuine appreciation for being able to lose $2500 without putting myself or my family in a financial hole.

And compassion for a woman who either has no moral compass or bit off more than she can chew and is now carrying the burden of knowing she is operating way out of integrity.

*** ***

Bringing it back to Abraham. I went to buy recordings of the seminar. I've done this before. They aren't ready utnil a few weeks after the event. I took out my envelope, put the correct amount of cash in it and handed it to the very friendly woman behind the table.

I waited for my receipt, Jokingly, she said there wasn't one. Then we talked some more. Then in a lull in the conversation I asked for my receipt again.

Turned out she wasn't joking. There wasn't one. It was then I noticed the sign on the table: Checks or Credit Cards only.

My brain flipped back to the previous experience. Or rather, my emotions flipped back. Would this be another time where I leave myself exposed to someone's dishonesty?

I calmed myself. I took stock of what I learned. At the time I was pushing to make something happen before its time and used poor judgment. I grew, and realized things were different because I was different.

And I knew I was working with a group who had no need to pocket my cash. They had arrived. They operate from a place of congruence and integrity. We attracted each other.

I smiled, told her it was great, and walked back to me seat. I knew I had arrived at the next stage of my development. I looked at the face of fear and knew I was stronger, wiser and gentler than it was.

I blessed the fear for keeping me safe, then invited it out the door.

*** ***

So let me ask you...where in your life are you operating in a place of fear about past mistakes?

Is it time to take stock of what you've learned, how you've grown and who you've become?

Is it time to ease up on yourself?

Is it time to take in some new thoughts and beliefs about who you are in the present?

Would you like some help creating a more secure and peaceful reality?

Come visit me at SOURCE OF GOOD STUFF. I can help you find the real you through the fear.

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