There aren’t too many things in life that ever stay the same. Sometimes that can be a good thing and other times it simply isn’t. Life presents us with new and unexpected challenges that block our goals and force us to make some major adjustments. When we have our eyes set on a goal, we don’t like anything to get in our way or to slow us down. But often we come against goal blockers.

A goal blocker, for example, can be a change in our bodies. If our body is fighting a virus and we need rest, we might skip the rest and keep going until our energy is depleted and we are forced to take care of ourselves. Or, if we forget that our physical stamina isn’t what it once was, we might push ourselves too far and end up getting injured. Changes in our finances that can result from a job loss, for example, can also block our goals. If we keep spending what we can no longer afford, we might end up getting in serious debt. Another goal blocker can result when we have new roles and responsibilities such as parenting. We might not be able to go out with friends as often or do things we once did.

We can get around or remove some goal blockers. Others, however, put us face to face with our limitations. Limitations can leave us feeling frustrated and discouraged. Life is no longer what it used to be. We quickly realize that there are some things we can no longer do. There are things we cannot have. There are ways we cannot be. And there are hopes we cannot fulfill.

Facing our limitations helps us to let go of what we are trying to hold on to and helps us to move forward. We need time to adapt to the changes in our lives. We need time for healthy grieving of our losses and disappointments. In doing so, we can learn to accept and welcome change in our lives. We can regain our confidence in life and in ourselves. We can set new goals and have a new vision for our future.

In facing what we can do and what we can no longer do, we discover that limitations in some areas of our lives can lead to boundless opportunities in other areas of our lives. It all depends on how we view limitations. They can lead us to discover things about ourselves and life that we would not have otherwise. They can help us to learn contentment and experience peace with ourselves, who we are, what we have, and what we can have. Yes, you can know your limitations, and grieve and accept them. But also, only you can allow them to be the catalyst to an unlimited ability to enjoy your life, grow in new ways, and dream new dreams. To these there are no limits!

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Krystal Kuehn, MA, LPC, LLP, NCC is a psychotherapist, author, teacher, and musician. She is the cofounder of and where you can find hundreds of free resources, online workshops, video presentations, insights, and inspiration to empower people to develop a lifestyle of happiness and love.