When I think of the times in my life when I was completely and totally filled to the brim with joy, I always smile and thank God for such joyful moments.
I'm sure those of you reading this article can relate to that. When we are joyful, we feel as if we've got the world on a string, so to speak. We know
that life is great, that things can only get better, and that others will pick up on our joy and begin to feel great, too!

Unfortunately, most of us have trouble hanging on to those joyful moments. They're there one minute, and the next... poof, we feel rotten and depressed,
and are left wondering, "Where did my joy go?"

The good news is, there are tools we can use to assist us in staying more joyous, more often! Staying in joy all the time is a process, and it takes work
and practice. But the more we can live in joy, the happier, healthier and more abundant our lives will be. Here are some tips to help you learn to live
life from a place of overflowing joy.

Remember your joyful moments. I already mentioned this tip earlier in passing. When we remember past experiences or circumstances that put us in a place
of joy, just the memory of that joy draws more joy to us. When we are thinking of a joyful situation, we open ourselves to feel that joy again. Remembering
past joys is like turning on a faucet that pours more joy into our present lives. Thank about your joyful moments often, and feel what a great difference
it makes in the joy you experience right now.

Find joyful companions. If you constantly spend time with people who are complaining about how bad, empty and unproductive their lives are, their negativity
will bring you down and make you feel unhappy, as well. In contrast, if you choose to spend time with people who are always looking at the positive, who
see their glass as half-full, and who are striving to make their lives more fulfilled, their enthusiasm and positive attitudes will raise your spirits
and bring you more joy, just by association. Joy is contagious! If you're open to receive the joy of others, you will become more joyful.

Do things that bring you joy. Find joyful activities to engage in during your spare time. If you don't have any spare time... make some! We all need to
take a few minutes each day to do things that bring us joy. Read a chapter of a beloved book, watch a favorite show on TV, indulge in a favorite food,
or go for a walk and enjoy the beauty around you. If you take some time to think about it, you can find an activity that will bring more joy into your

Find joy in the activities that aren't so joyful. This one can be tough. However, if you want to be more joyous more often, it's important to find joy in
all that we do. If you're doing laundry, for instance, think of the joy found in the ability to wear fresh clean clothes. If you have a job you don't find
joy in, find something about your work that can bring you happiness, such as that you're able to help others in some way, etc. Find what works for you.

Laugh as often as possible. Laughter is a fantastic time of joy! Children laugh hundreds of times each day, but as adults, it's often something we don't
do enough in our lives. Allow yourself to laugh openly, fully and often. The joy that laughter will bring you is immense!

I wish you days filled with overflowing joy!

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