When you feel like you are weak or a victim, you have aligned yourself with illusion. For instance, when you place consistent focus on traits about yourself that you consider to be "negative" or "weaknesses," this action leads you to believe that you do not have any power.

In reality, you have God-given power that flows through you at all times. How could you not be powerful? You have the power to create, to destroy, and to reshape your entire reality. The challenge for you is to allow the power to flow freely through you.

I believe the best way you can harness this power is by being true to yourself. When you are your authentic self, you are listening to your inner guidance, you are in rhythm with your inner flow, and you are owning your power.

When you struggle against yourself or resist who you are, you have handed your power away. Power is not an outward sign of force. It is not doing something strenuously or forcefully. Allowing your light to shine at its full brilliance is very powerful.

You stand in your power when you...

...step forward with hope and optimism, and do those things which make your heart sing.

...love yourself and those around you.

...call on the Divine for assistance, and strengthen your own personal relationship with the Divine.

...share your gifts.

...take the opportunities that are offered to you, and make the best of each one of them.

...are kind, and when you express gratitude to those who help you.

Any time you are in alignment with your true self, you are standing in your power. So, the secret to owning your power is simple. Align with yourself, for that's the best way to align with the Divine.

Author's Bio: 

Arleen Hannich, MA, is a Spiritual Facilitator. She provides Divine Presence, Inspirational Messages from Spirit, and the Oneness Blessing to individuals who wish to live authentically and joyfully. To receive her Free Ezine "The Divine Connection" and her Free Guide "Feel Your Emotions and Create a Life You Love," visit her website at ArleenHannich.com.