One of my favorite authors is Carolyn Myss and in her book “Anatomy of Healing” she reframes something I’ve heard for years, “We evolve at the rate of the tribe that we’re plugged into.”

Now when I was little girl my mother put it like this, “Dime con quien andas, y te dire quien eres.” In other words, I know who you are by the company that you keep. I’ve also heard this in 12-step meetings, “Change people, places and things.” Even Darwin had something to say about environment influencing evolution.

Now, this simple practice alone can create huge shifts in your life. No matter what you do – if you align yourself with a group of like minded people you’ll get there quicker. In my own life I have seen this as I’ve gone from reading about personal transformation to aligning myself with groups that ARE about personal transformation. It’s happened a lot quicker and it’s a lot more fun.

More recently I have found another level of plugging into a like minded group that has proven to be even more powerful. Now, this may be a stretch for some of you but just jump into my sandbox and try this on for size. I meet most Monday mornings with a group of fabulous people on the phone. We have worked together for about 8 months now and have agreed to ‘be there’ for each other whether we are physically present or not. Now this kind of connection is an energetic intention. We have agreed to be available as a group whenever one of us chooses to call on that agreement.

One of ‘my tribe’, Tammy, just had her baby last Wednesday and this morning she shared how the experience was transformed because she drew on this energetic connection. Event though her delivery was a c-section, she felt the lightness and joy of our energetic connection and was lifted through the experience.

I personally have used the group energetic connection on various occasions: when I haven’t been feeling well, when I’ve been in an argument with my husband, deciding on the focus of my practice, etc. It is now available to me whether I make a conscious request or not.

Over the next few days give some thought to what groups you are plugged into.
Are they aligned with who you are and more importantly who you want to be?

Author's Bio: 

Adela Rubio is a certified Evolutionary Coach, Mentor and Trainer. She formerly managed technology in corporate America and co-owned a World Gym. Adela also led the Coachville Fully Alive community and training program and served as Coachville Chapter and Study Group Director. She currently co-leads an Evolutionary Coach Training Program via teleclasses and live trainings. She also co-hosts the CoachU Evolutionary Coaching and Leadership SIG . Adela's passion is the body, its energetic potential and bringing it ALL here NOW! To this end she runs a community called Energy Expansion. See her website for additional information.