It is common to say that we are all on different levels of our spiritual evolution. In some spiritual organizations, our personal ascension is documented by initiations which keep us yearning and learning toward that next step ~~ something to look forward to, as it were.

Today's Positive Affirmation is geared to help you rise to the next level of unfoldment at the speed that is perfect for you at this time and in this place. This is not an initiation in the physical, but more of an awareness on the inner, a personal gage as to where you are spiritually in the NOW. Try it for a week and see if you are not more focused and clear in your spiritual goals. Life is a wonderful process, dear ones. Let us All, each one of us, approach our personal spirituality with a zest and joy once reserved for birthdays and holidays, because every day is a special opportunity to move forward toward the Creator Source, the All That Is.

Use these short affirmations throughout the day, or if you wish, you may repeat them as one paragraph. I personally like to keep them short .. but please, use these affirmations in a way that suits your needs.

" I am an active participant in my personal spiritual unfoldment."

" I recognize and accept that every experience is a lesson and an opportunity to move forward toward the next level of my growth."

" I grant permission to the Universe to bring me to where I need to be in order to fulfill my spiritual goals."

"I am One with the All That Is."

When you first begin to say your affirmations, you may find yourself simply repeating the words without much feeling. This is fine. Eventually, as you continue to speak your affirmations, you will begin to sense a commitment and conviction in each word. Good for you! Just remember that no matter how you say them, the HIgher Mind gets the message and processes the affirmation to manifest quietly into your physical life. And... So It Is !

I would like to thank Ascended Master Sananda for assistance with today's Positive Affirmation.

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Bee is a Metaphysician, Psychic Counselor, Positivity Life Coach and Paranormal Sensitive who operates numerous spiritual outreaches online and works for serving the good of the whole. She hold a Master in Metaphysics degree from the University of Metaphysics and is presently working on her Doctorate Degree. She lives in norther Florida with her husband, family, 24 cats, 2 dogs and various and assorted wildlife who often visit their home.