There is one person who is and does the universe. We saw God crash into God on the day America was attacked. Why did God crash into God? The answer is in the question. Something wants to expand its knowledge. The One person who you are reverberates within itself to re-know itself through expansion; it wants to fill itself in on itself. Expansion of fulfillment is why the crash happened. You love yourself so much that you want to re-discover who you are over and over without end. Everyone gets the chance to experience everything forever.

Complete existence, or God status, is fully represented at all times an places the same; it does not reduce or divide. If you could know all the details of why America was attacked, why so many are suffering, you would see unspeakable glory (including infinite justice) that would utterly blow you away. It would blow away even the gods in the highest heaven. This is why the angels in heaven praise God day and night. They see more of what's going on. Even without seeing the detail, we can know this fully represented status IS. We can be poised in who we are, and celebrate who we are. Just use your head to confirm the self-validating principle of Oneness. Oneness means a lot of delicious things. Because Oneness is undimensional and complete, the entire universe and all its resources, opportunities, and talents, fill the container you call "you". That makes you the sole commander of the universe. Yes, it was you who attacked yourself -- for the most precious majestic reason.

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