Could your marriage use a boost? If you could unlock the door to happiness, would you? Would your children be happier if you were too? Inside you’ll discover one simple master key to becoming parents in love.

Because of busy lives, the demands of children, and little time for each other, is your love for your partner losing its flame? Is your mind focused on your job, getting kids to sports, and family chores? Does your mate come home too late, watch too much TV, or play with the computer until after bedtime?

You don’t have to watch the flames of love die or feel discouraged. You can rekindle love when you focus on each other.

When Love Loses Its Passion:

Many spouses leave their homes calling out, “I’m leaving!” or “See you later!” Lots of times nothing is said and they just leave. Finding their partner to say good-bye is too much effort.

Do you or your spouse return home with, “I’m home?” Or do you say nothing, as if your partner doesn’t exist. Your mind is focused on other things. You’re not thinking about your mate at all.

If you’re on the receiving end, do you feel taken for granted? Would you like more affection? Or have you gotten to the point that you don’t care? Is your marriage becoming a burnt out affair?

This happens time and again in homes all over the world. It doesn’t have to happen in your home. Read on some helpful ideas to practice.

“Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

A wise priest gave my cousins, Mark and Michele, a pre-marriage counseling course. He spent 3 hours on this master key.

Master Key to Love and Happiness:

“Always give your spouse some small, physical sign of affection when you arrive or leave. A little kiss, a hug, or a squeeze and smile, reassures your spouse of your constant love.” – Father Shaunessy

How These 3 Marriage Sparks Ignite More Love:

Marriage Spark Number 1 - A little kiss before you leave and after you return takes extra effort. It satisfies skin hunger. It shows your spouse there’s magnetism between you. When your partner accepts your love and returns it with a kiss, you feel loved too.

Marriage Spark Number 2 - Hugs before you leave and after you return give your partner affection. When your arms surround your mate, you prove your life revolves around her. Hugging you back confirms her feelings for you.

Marriage Spark Number 3 - A squeeze and a smile before you leave and after you return reveals the magic between you. It shows him, “We are one.” When warm feelings glow, love is rekindled again.

If these 3 signs of affection can do so much, imagine the joy of putting all 3 together. Don’t be shy. Give them all a try. A life filled with love is worth it.

Master Key Conclusion for Parents, Love, and Happiness:

Don’t let busy schedules, the demands of children, household chores, TV, and computers close the door between you and your spouse. Give a kiss, a hug, a squeeze and a smile to your spouse often. When you focus on loving your partner, you’ll possess the master key to love and happiness.

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