You never know, when someone is going to flip out, and start firing a gun into a restaurant or store filled with innocent people.

It could happen. It has happened. And now we have the threat of terrorism added.

So, how do you stay safe?

Here's a simple tip, adapted from the world of martial arts.

Many martial artists never sit with their back to a door, or a street-oriented window.

These martial artists always sit with their backs to a wall, 'facing' the door. It's their safety precaution.

This is actually a pretty good idea. Anyone can adapt this tactic for being a little safer in this world.

I do have a suggestion, to make this tip more practical for the non-martial artist:

You don't necessarily have to be the person with your back to the wall.

It makes more sense to to put the most aware person facing the door. If you are with a group of friends or family, put the person who notices everything in this guard position.

This could be you, or it might be a friend or relative.

This 'wandering eyes' person doesn't have to even be a martial artist. He or she can yell "duck" just as well as a kung fu expert.

This tip gives you a little edge. Take these simple precautions whenever you can. They add up -- and one day, a tip like this could save your life.

Remember, to make this tip work, all you need is a Designated Watcher!

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