I wonder how many people would choose high self esteem as one of the most important aspects of themselves. In our work with thousands of individuals in a variety of settings I recognise that low self esteem has reached epidemic level in all human society. I would go to the extent to declare that many of less than human behaviour that we witness everywhere can be attributed to outwardly powerful people attempting to hide their low self esteem behind cover of anything that is available.

I am inviting each one of us to make a major contribution towards restoration of humanity for ourselves and for generations to follow. For many of us it is all too easy to point the finger and complain about how others could/should behave in a more considerate, kind, and compassionate manner. This commentary is a waste of our own precious resources which can be utilised to recover the highest level of self esteem that is our heritage. As each one recovers their high self esteem we begin to reconnect to our highest potential, a place where small minded, petty thinking becomes obsolete. As more and more of us operate from this level of being we contribute to raising the level of thinking which nurtures the level of seeing, which guides the level of actions which manifests the highest possible outcomes. This is the essence of our teachings on nurturing and maintaining higher self esteem.

First BE, then THINK, then SEE, then ACT, then MANIFEST.

Most of us are trapped at seeing and reacting from our past, therefore there is no new moment where we can hope to be different that is why we urge you to decide from your being which has core components of love, compassion, kindness, gratitude and truth. If you choose truth as the core of your being, then your thinking seeks truth, then you begin to see truth, then you act guided by the truth and finally you manifest truth.

Extract from the forthcoming Book "Sustainable Success", by Y N Patel.

Author's Bio: 

Yashwant Patel is a Human Resources Consultant who has developed the process of "Creative Transformation" for individuals and organisations.

email: yashwant@selfhelper.co.uk