PC games won't ever die for me. They will have to pry my smoking mouse and keyboard out of my cooling hands, and cut the cable to remove me from my flaming server. The motive behind this commotion is, someone points out the fact that PC gaming is “smaller” than console gaming. What exactly is that supposed to mean? PC gaming has a greater scope for modding that allows gamers to vary the way they play. Gamers can create their own maps far easier than Console games. Digital downloading looks to be a promising future for PC gaming, as long as the pricing works. The thing normally not mentioned about the physical box and disk was the reassurance of back-up.

Take pleasure in PC gaming, sound and films with home theater quality sound and bass, all in your own private listening environment! As a result, the PC gaming industry is more and more devoted to more immersive games, such as intricate first-person shooters like Crysis, while the consoles are looked on as more of a social event.

Not only is the hardware more powerful, but developers are more used to working on the PC architecture than they are on consoles, and there's a greater amount of graphics RAM, system RAM and storage space to play with. Compare Bioshock on the 360 to Bioshock on a mid-range or high-end PC, it's obvious that the PC can pull off more meticulous textures and imposing effects. Gaming on Computers has developed over the years to be as complicated, speedy, and graphics-rich as console gaming. In fact, if you require the best in gaming machines, the over the top, polygon-generating master, you need to look at a PC, not a console.

With today’s growing capacity for data storage, increased ISP downstream, and developments in multimedia PC technology, the call for a separate serving multimedia platform has developed significantly in the past few years. When PC game sales drop, a large factor is probably the absence of quality-focused and rationally limited game design on that platform.

Although the console industry dominates the gaming world, the Personal Computer is still the master of first person shooters and real-time strategy games with its extraordinary capacity to display a surfeit of high resolutions and amazing graphical effects. Some of us swim against the current and predict the downfall not of PC gaming, but of game consoles. The main reason consoles are so repetitively marketed is that preventing piracy is the only reason for their present existence, and explains how the convergence of the GPU and the CPU is the next big thing in the gaming industry. The situation led the community manager for Infinity Ward to recently complain about the amount of people using Call of Duty 4 online versus the amount of copies of the game, that had been sold for the PC?

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