What if I placed ONE BILLION dollars in your bank account today! That means, at just ten percent interest, you would have to spend $270,000 dollars each day just to spend the interest - for the rest of your life, not even touching the one billion dollars! With this in mind, please answer the following:

Would you go to work tomorrow at your present job?
If you would go to work, would you have a different attitude?
What would you begin doing with the money, once the excitement wore off?
Are there things you have always wanted to do, but money held you back?
Now, with no money problems, what would you do as an occupation?
What would you do as a hobby?
How would you help others close to you?
Would you live in the same area?
Would you associate with the same people?
Would those same people associate with you?
What would you do with the rest of your life?

I coach so many people who are working from paycheck to paycheck and are unfulfilled in life. They are so busy making a living, they don’t even think about what they really want to do in life. All of these things can be accomplished with the right master-plan in place and a little determination.

It is so important to “see yourself” implementing the steps and becoming the person you are now envisioning. What will it be like to own your own business? What will you feel like doing what you love to do, while getting paid for it? How will your relationships improve? An interesting phenomenon occurs when we ask ourselves the right questions – our mind creates the right answers! If a person constantly says “How did I get so unlucky” or “Why does this always happen to me”, his mind will answer. On the other hand if a person asked, “How did I become so fortunate” or “Why do great things always happen to me” their answers change - answers that lift up and build, rather than degrade and tear down. Get into a habit of asking yourself the right questions and have faith in yourself that you will come up with the right answers.

Author's Bio: 

Henry A. Penix is an accomplished author, international speaker and life coach. He enjoyed 15 years of success in the business world and now spends his time sharing his success principles around the world both personally and through his business and life coaching program. Mr. Penix has shared the stage with Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, Brian Tracy and other motivational "greats". Mr. Penix teaches how to move from complacency to a commitment in becoming all that you were born to be and how to establish a vision and live a successful life in balance. Please visit his website at www.ayd.info for more info. on his best-selling book, Accelerate Your Destiny, and his coaching programs.