“Personal development and growth for conscious living is not working harder to achieve success. Instead, personal development and growth is considered a lifetime process in the quest for your own personal growth and finding your life’s purpose.” A new online self-help university at www.mindpoweru.com teaches how to maximize the power of the brain for overnight success.

The program consists of a basic and deluxe package. There are 8 CD’s that come with the program. Within 7 days of the program release, students are offered a free upgrade from the basic to the deluxe package, which includes a limited edition leather binder.

Dean of Mind Power University, Stephen Pierce, confidently states, “For the past 7 years, we’ve tracked down, purchased, and studied every single piece of personal change programming known to man. However, we kept the search going because we asked ourselves the politically incorrect question, “If there are so many success programs out there, why aren’t more people getting ahead in their lives?” To answer this question, I’ve created Mind Power University. It represents my own personal search for the "Holy Grail" of success. It is the fastest, most up to date personal change program available based on the latest brain based research.”

This Mind Power University consists of four dream team expert trainers which include Paul Scheele; “Uncovered breakthroughs in brain research,” Michael Lovitch; “Reprogram unproductive thought patterns,” Chris Payne; “Eliminating the four lies keeping you from success,” and David Siever; “Peak performance in your life.”
After registration, students of the Mind Power University receive several start-up bonuses, which consist of transcripts of all of the recordings with the “Dream Team” members, personal study guide to the recordings, and unleashing your mind power CD and book set.

Current and incoming students have access to John Assaraf’s “Exact blueprint anyone can use to create inevitable financial success.” They will learn from experts like Dave Lakhani, “How to influence and persuade yourself.” Students who sign up for the deluxe program will enhance their chances for success with the unique “Next level meditation,” CD.

Dean of the Mind Power University, Stephen Pierce has committed to the excellence of this program and to the student’s success. Each student begins with a personal one-on-one consultation directly from him.

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