Over the years I have consistently taught “there is no such thing as freedom without responsibility.” When I explain this to the adolescents with whom I have worked, the parents nod their heads in agreement. Then I would watch in amazement as the same parents would make all sorts of excuses for their kids and not hold them responsible for their choices and actions at all. I have realized that responsibility, especially personal responsibility, is something that most people agree with in theory. However, when it comes to challenging situations, it is much easier to shift the blame to someone or something outside of ourselves. Every time we choose to focus blame on someone else in a situation in which we are displeased, we put ourselves in a victim role. We are disempowered.

As I have begun studying the Law of Attraction and incorporating the principles into my own life, I have come to understand that personal responsibility is the true foundation of personal freedom. This is good news and bad news. The good news is that we have the freedom to create our life however we desire. The bad news is that if we don’t like how our life is going, then it is our responsibility to change our thoughts, feelings and behaviors in order to change the outcomes we are experiencing.

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law that states whatever energy we send out into the universe is attracted to energies that are of an equal or harmonious frequency, resonance or vibration. One of the greatest discoveries of the twentieth century is that we live in a vibratory universe. Quantum physics has changed the way we understand reality. Because of great minds like Albert Einstein, we now understand that everything that exists is energy that vibrates. Everything has a vibrational frequency.

This means that our thoughts, feelings and emotions are energy. We create our reality with the thoughts we think and the feelings we feel. As we go through our day, we observe everything going on around us. This observation sparks thoughts such as “I like this . . . I don’t like that . . . This is great . . . .That is terrible”. “The economy is terrible.” “Business is bad.” “My kids don’t appreciate me.” For many people, the observations are more negative than positive. These thoughts create feelings within us. When we observe things that please us, we feel good. When we observe things that displease us, we feel bad. All of those thoughts and feelings are being sent out into the universe like a radio signal. That signal attracts energy of an equal or harmonious vibration that returns to the sender. If you are thinking negative thoughts and feeling bad feelings, then you will attract more of the same “bad” energy and experience more displeasing outcomes. The reverse is also true. If you are thinking positive thoughts and feeling good feelings, then you will attract more of the same “good” energy and experience more pleasing outcomes.

Many people are willing to take responsibility for the good outcomes in their life. They change their thinking and start feeling better and are proud of what they have created. Unfortunately, when there are negative outcomes, it is easy (and tempting) fall into victim consciousness and begin searching for why this happened and who (other than self) is responsible for the bad circumstance.

Incorporating the Law of Attraction into your life means taking full responsibility for 4 things:
1. Every thought you think
2. Every feeling you feel
3. Every Action you take
4. Every Outcome you receive

Remember, there is no such thing as freedom without responsibility. If you want the freedom to create your life as you desire, then it is up to you to take responsibility for all of the outcomes you create. Are you ready to accept the responsibility and create an Extraordinary Life?

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Melanie Yost, LCSW is a Personal Development Coach who specializes in working with people who are ready to have more out of life. She teaches innovative tools for living an extraordinary life! To receive my Top 10 Must Have Life Skills for an Extraordinary Life and my Special Report “The Truth about Language Exposed” go to www.melanieyost.com