No; I’m not hearing voices...not very much, at least. However, I do have a question for you: How do you manage that little voice inside your head? Now if you’re thinking, “What little voice is he talking about?” that would be the little voice right there!

You know, that voice that tries to convince you that something is too hard, or too painful, or too embarrassing or too risky. Yes, the same voice that might even try to tell you that you’re not good enough, that other people don’t like you or that you won’t ever amount to anything. Your voice might even go as far as trying to convince that you’re not even worthy of taking up space or having a voice, and that you are just a loser at the core.

That one voice has been THE most destructive force that I have encountered in working with people over the last 20 years. I’ve seen it make many beautiful people think that they were ugly, smart people think that they were dumb and creative people think that all their creative expression was a joke.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had quite enough of that voice. It’s time to fight back.

And the warfare you engage in with your little voice is quite long as you keep it simple. When you hear your little voice trying to convince you of any of the limiting beliefs or distortions like the ones listed above, you can simply respond to it by saying: “Thank you for sharing.”

No inner power struggles, no calling yourself stupid for thinking that and no denial of what is really going on. Just those 4 simple words: “Thank you for sharing.”

Now let’s suppose that you had a really stubborn inner voice and it get kept coming back after your self-intervention. Well, let me ask you this: If you have to say “Thank you for sharing”
100 times in a day, isn’t that better than continually hearing that chatter get more and more powerful and destructive?

And besides, this is the beginning of you retraining your brain. That’s right; you can actually reprogram your brain to respond differently. It’s called conditioning and it works just the same way that Pavlov’s dog responded in the ever famous experiment that started Pavlov’s theory.

Keep saying “Thank you for sharing.” After a while it will even start to seem funny. In fact, after a while you might even find your self saying, “Hi, it’s you again. Have a seat and I’ll listen to you when I’m done living.”

And just in case you were wondering; that is YOUR voice that you’re hearing. Don’t you think it’s a good time to just do a little redirection?

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