I bet we all have taken those personality tests in school or for a prospective employer that is supposed to help us, and them, to better understand our natural tendencies and strengths. It can be valuable and fun information to have but kind of dry and impractical. What do you really take away from those tests that you can apply and use to improve your quality of life?

A lot of the time I learn and judge those parts of myself as things I wish I could change. I often look at the qualities of the other types and yearn to be more like them and that's not very supportive. Usually, I can identify with the overall group which the test assesses most reflects my personality type, but knowing that doesn't really help me figure out much about going through life or accepting myself for the way I am.

Recently I discovered a way of profiling my personality so unlike any other I've ever known that I had to create this article to spread the word...it's that life-changing!

I read this book It's Just My Nature! by Carol Tuttle and I discovered such profound revelations about why I am the way I am and how embracing and living my true nature is one of the greatest gifts I could give myself.

I am a seeker of personal development and what interests me is how to better myself and how to improve my relationships with others. Psychology and human behavior fascinates me and I think everyone should have the benefit of feeling validated in who they truly are and also have the insight of learning the strengths and weaknesses inherent in their nature.

The system is called Energy Profiling.

It breaks personality profiles down into four distinct "Types" and uniquely relates them to actual elements and movements in nature.

Type 1: Nitrogen, Upward, Light with a gift for Ideas, essence of Lightness

Type 2: Oxygen, Fluid, Flowing with a gift for Details, essence of Connectedness

Type 3: Hydrogen, Active, Reactive with a gift for Action, essence of Sureness

Type 4: Carbon, Constant, Still with a gift for Perfecting, essence of Exactness

Each of us leads with one of these Types as a dominant quality and tends towards another as a close secondary quality. But each of the 4 Types are in us all and this system perfectly illustrates and describes them in such amazing detail that you will not believe how well you will be able to understand and recognize yourself. Together, all four Types create a picture of the wholeness of our humanity and each expresses a vital part that supports us best when working in unity.

You rarely see a personality test go into such detail as describing these tendencies.

Behavior Tendencies:

* Relationships, Social, Timeliness
* Work, Money, Physical Activity

Body Language:

* Walking, Sitting/Standing, Voice/Language
* Doodling, Personal Space, Interior Design

Physical Features:

* Skin and Skin Texture
* Face Shape, Cheeks, Nose, Eyebrows, Eyes, Hands

Interactions and Expressions:

* Learn how your energy Type affects others
* Learn how to create a successful relationship with each Type...the Dos and Don'ts
* Learn each Type's natural gifts and talents, how they process information, their leadership tendencies
* Learn what common expressions each Type often hears from others that conflicts with their natural movements
* Discover common challenges that can occur when you express your leading Type too dominantly

In the short time that I have become aware of this information, I have found that I am now just naturally noticing and identifying these traits in the people around me and am using the knowledge to improve the quality of my relationships.

The real benefit is that you will learn to embrace and appreciate even those personality traits that you have previously judged to be faults, weaknesses, conflicts or annoyances and learn to view them as a natural part of you and of others and be grateful for their gifts.

This is simply some of most enlightening, supportive and useful information that I could recommend for anyone's personal development.

Can you grasp how helpful having the knowledge of your Energy Profile can be as a spouse, a parent, an employer or employee? I actually have the ability now to quickly study a person's face and body language to get a pretty clear picture of their Type and anticipate their natural behaviors.

Make the choice to open up to this new awareness so you can embrace, understand and live your true nature as well.

Learn more about Energy Profiling here.

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