The Pharmaceutical companies have become giants in the corporate world, all on the backs of the population with health problems. Is this good or bad? Well first of all we need to thank the Pharmaceutical companies for a lot of life saving drugs and helping some people's quality of life. But do the Pharmaceutical companies really have your best interest in mind? Probably not. What drive these corporate giants are sales and profits. Study the side affects of almost any medication and wonder if the trade off is really worth it. In many cases you will say yes, especially if you are truly ill.

But let's switch tables for a moment. A friend of yours has a nutrient based product promoted through a Multi Level Marketing company and it promises to do the same thing as the medication you are taking with out the side affects. Do you agree to give it a try? Probably not. But why are people willing to except the risks associated with medications and not a natural product? Most are first afraid to get involved with a MLM group because they don't want to sell. Next they are scared the product does not have the FDA approval. But is the FDA really looking out for your interest? Allowing medication to got to market with the long list of side affects dose not look like they are. How many medications have been taken off the market because of problems and then years of law suites follow? Have you ever heard of a MLM company having to remove their products? Listen to the testimonials of people taking MLM nutrient based products and see how people are finding relief from different illnesses.

The bigger question is why do these nutrient based product companies seem to always go through a MLM approach to get their product out? Well mostly because of the FDA. The product testing is very costly and to label these products with true benefits takes years of testing. Rumor is that the FDA usually squashes any hopes of these product ever coming out. One example was aired on a 60 minute program recently.

A team of doctors began studying the properties of the skin of red grapes. This has been called Resveratol, similar to the stories of why red wine is good for you. These doctors were testing on mice and humans, finding that resveratol may possibly reduce the aging process, eliminate organ fat and aiding in the circulatory system. The results were beyond astounding and these doctors thought they would make an important break through with this product. But at the end of this 60 Minute program it was stated that the Pharmaceutical giant Glaxo-Smith had purchased this company. These doctors sold out for money and will we ever see a natural resveratol product come from a pharmaceutical giant? My guess is no.

Another similar story is about the affects of nitric oxide. Dr Louis J. Ignarro won the Nobel Prize in 1998 with his discovery of the affects nitric oxide has on the blood vessels. His finding show dramatic results of reduced heart disease. (The Leading Cause of Death) He has recently published a book called No More Heart Disease explaining his findings. But eleven years later we still do not have doctors or pharmaceutical companies pushing this Nobel Prize finding.

Examples similar to this are every where. Stay up late and watch the infomercials and you will see a program called Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About, there is also a book in the same name by Kevin Trudeau.

There is a place for the Pharmaceutical companies and a place for the MLM companies. But why can't we get the medical world to make the natural products more prevalent? I say again Money.

So before you immediately disregard someone offering you a MLM product, ask a few questions.

1. Is this person telling me about how great the product is and related stories of people finding help or is money making the main subject? If money is the main subject the product must not be very good.

2. Has the company been in business for at least 10 years and have the products been on the market for several years. This is a sign that the company is reputable and no serious problems have come from the products.

3. Ask if there is any type of money back guarantee or a sample trial.

4. Ask for referrals of people taking the products and the ingredients of the product.

5. Ask if you can just purchase the product and not be involved with selling it. If a company does both scenarios they have more confidence people will like the product.

There are a lot of different products sold through MLM and yes there are scams so be careful. But not all companies are the same and there really are some great products sold through MLM. So you decide if a natural product may help your health or if risky side affects are worth it.

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