Does it sometimes seem like no matter how hard you work, little gets done? It does to me.

Last week it seemed like every time I looked around we were either having to redo something or some new semi-crisis would present itself. All work towards building the barn got put on hold to fix a broken water main. The leveling had to wait to get the laundry sink finished. The sink could not be done until the new water shutoff was installed. I have to admit…I was frustrated. However, as always, something happens to remind us that there is always another side to the story!

Friends who had been visiting professed envy because we seemed to get so much accomplished! Then that conversation somehow got on the internet email chat board used by our home-schooling group. Messages were being sent back and forth about how good the Phillips family was at getting things done! Here was another wake up call for us. We realized how grateful we were for this reminder that although it may not seem like it, all the baby steps add up to some mileage down the road!

As a coach/consultant to a residential building company, I am involved this week in a mission/vision seminar for the management group of 10 people. One of the exercises we did first was to list the accomplishments of the last year on an easel tablet and post them on the wall. By the time the group had finished, there were 6 pages of accomplishments! The positive change in the atmosphere of the room was measurable! Simply by spending the time to look back and take stock of what had been accomplished gave this group a feeling of pride and ownership in what they had done.

We all need to do this exercise on a regular basis. Simply take the time to gather your family, or your work group together. Provide everyone with writing tools and paper and ask them to list all the accomplishments that they can think of over the last year, half year, month - whatever time frame you choose. Time the exercise so that there is a sense of urgency - say 5-10 minutes; then go around and have each person read one or two items from their list out loud until the list is as complete as possible.. Write the list on a board or easel so everyone can see it. These accomplishments can be individual or group. The list can include individual growth, overcoming obstacles, physical projects completed or started or anything else you might be proud of doing.

Post the list in a conspicuous place for a while. Celebrate your success!

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Miami Phillips is an ANSIR Certified Personal Coach and the founder of Creative MasterMinds. Miami believes personal growth is an essential ingredient to being happy and contributing to this world. Through his coaching, ebooks and teleclasses he provides a path for motivated people to find passion and balance in their lives by understanding their life purpose and the power of personal growth. Visit Creative Masterminds at Email: