What I have found that as women get in their 30’s they feel it’s just not possible to change their bodies as a result of getting older and lack of motivation. In my 10 years experience I have heard this so many times and have helped women change not just physically but mentally even in their 70’s!

You might think that I am going to tell you about a diet and exercise plan, but actually the most important thing to start with is what you are thinking that allows your body to change.

Secret #1

Believing that YOU CAN change your body. This is one the biggest things I find women struggle with is that they think because they are over 30 that it’s just not possible for them. However, that is not the case. A belief is something you think is truth. For example you could say, “I have a temper because my mom has one”. That is something that you feel is true for yourself. But, you can also change that and say, “I am in total control of how I react to situations and my mom’s temper is not how I express myself”. This belief is a much more positive statement and if you keep thinking this over and over it will become a new belief for you.

Secret #2

Having a permanent mindset.
Telling yourself, “I don’t have the willpower to give up my chocolate!”
Getting in shape has nothing to do with willpower. Getting in shape is a permanent mindset and when your thoughts are totally focused on what you want to accomplish you don’t feel like you are giving up anything.

Secret #3

Focusing on what you want and not want you don’t want!
If you look in the mirror and you start to grab what you don’t like about your body and say “I hate this fat around my stomach”, then that creates resistance to change your body. Anytime you focus on what you don’t want you create more of that in your life. One of the first things I tell women is that when you surround yourself with thoughts about what you do want then all your actions become on “autopilot” as you start to eat healthier and workout more.

Secret #5

The power of affirmations.
Affirmations are short, specific, and positive statements written in the present tense. For example:
· I am now a size 8
· I eat to fuel my body
· I deserve to create my lean and fit body and I allow myself to change

Make these as personal as you can so that they have more meaning and the key is to also say them with feeling. When you say these everyday as much as you can, they become a part of you are and your subconscious mind connects to these statements as being true and results in a positive outcome for change.

I have worked with many women over 30 in helping them change their bodies permanently with these 5 secrets and after they have gone through this process they never go back to their old ways of thinking that kept them stuck and unhappy.

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