Photographs are a great way to remember special occasions, but it’s not always easy to keep them sorted. Here are a few tips you can follow when printing or picking up your snapshots that will help you organize and protect your precious moments:
Go through your photos and discard the blurry or unappealing shots and duplicates. Or consider giving duplicates as gifts to friends or family.

Using a photo-safe pen, label and date the back of each photo. This will help you to recall the events and people in your snapshots years from now.

Make a fun night of it with friends – have them assist you in organizing your photos. It may even help you remember stories you have forgotten or faces you don’t recognize.

Don’t have time to label each photo now? Place them in a labelled, dated envelope and file it in a storage container.
Once you have your photos labelled, decide how you want to sort them – chronologically or based on special dates and events – and place them in labelled, acid-free photo albums. Only buy photo albums after you have organized your photos. This way, you’ll know how many you need and you won’t have empty albums lying around for months.

As you sort your snapshots, set aside any photos that you want to have framed. This will save you time trying to find them later.

Want to remember something unique about a particular photo? Write or print out index cards with details about the picture and file them together in your photo album.

To keep your negatives safe, place them in a labelled envelope in a fireproof box. Make a note in the related photo album so you know where to find your negatives if you need them.
Able to load your photos to your computer? There are programs you can buy to help you organize them. You can also back them up on a CD or memory card, which should be kept in a safety deposit box for added protection.

Overwhelmed by the thought of organizing photos? Start with the set you just had developed and keep organizing with each new set. For older photos, it’s best to take on the task in multiple sessions. When you feel you’ve done enough, pack everything up and plan for the next opportunity.

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