A christening is an important event for both friends and family, so make sure you start your planning early to make this day special. Asking yourself these questions will you get started on the right foot.

When should your baby be christened?

Parents choose to christen their babies at different ages. Some christen infants who are only a few weeks or months old. Some parents choose to christen children when they are toddlers, and adults in their sixties have even been christened! It's best to discuss this matter with your local priest or minister before you decide.

How should your baby be christened?

There are three major methods by which children are christened. Generally, the christening ceremony will be performed by your family's priest or minister. It can be done by pouring (affusion), sprinkling (aspersion), or immersion in a baptismal font. This really depends on your family's religious affiliation so don't sweat too much about whether you should do pouring or sprinkling. If you and your spouse come from different religious backgrounds, it's best to check with clergy on both sides to see if the christening ceremony differs significantly between them.

What should my baby wear?

The baby being christened usually wears a white or off-white christening gown made especially for the occasion. These gowns can be decorated with lace trim and delicate embroidery. The gown becomes a keepsake for many families and may be passed down for many babies to wear throughout several generations. The latest trend for baby boys is to dress them in a christening outfit that does not look as much like a dress. It includes a romper and vest but has the same style and type of detail that a christening gown does.

How do I choose christening invitations?

Traditional motifs for baby christening include decorative crosses, the christening gown or outfit, or the baptismal font. White is the way to go, as this color signifies the purity of the infant and is an important part of the christening ceremony. Choose christening invitations with gold or silver trim to add some color to the traditional white. Cute die-cuts of christening gowns or outfits are something different and will surely adorn your guests' fridges as the event approaches. The best christening invitations are simple and stick to the details of time, date, and location for the christening.

Should I host a party after the christening?

Couples usually choose to host a lunch or dinner after their baby's christening. When you're figuring out your guest list, be sure to figure out how many people you're willing to feed! Do you want a more intimate affair with close family and friends, or do you want to invite your entire extended family and all of your colleagues? Christening parties can be casual or fancy; it's all up to your personal style. Make sure to note the location of the meal on your christening invitations so guests know what to expect.

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