A magical journey to Peru to work with San Pedro, the legendary Cactus of Vision.

We are delighted to offer you this opportunity to experience authentic Andean shamanism, using the methods, plants, and approaches that have been practiced in this region for thousands of years.

Our accommodation is close to the heart of Cusco - the “centre of the world” - so you can enjoy Peru and its culture as well as its magic and medicine.

We provide English-speaking seminars on Plant Spirit Shamanism to deepen your knowledge of this tradition, as well as rituals and healings with Andean shamans, all included in the price.

The programme includes authentic ceremonies with the legendary Cactus of Vision, plus:

Limpia: an Andean healing method where the shaman divines areas of unbalanced energy within a patient’s body. These are then rebalanced and any unhelpful energies are removed.

Pago: an offering to the spirits of the land and a blessing for those who take part.

Coca Divination: using the leaves of the sacred coca plant to produce a picture of a person’s life – and sometimes past lives. Each divination is unique and sometimes followed by a ‘correctional healing’ to change the future and produce an outcome more favourable to your needs or desires.

Seminars and circle meetings: are held with Ross Heaven, author of Plant Spirit Shamanism, to discuss your San Pedro insights, and provide you with background to Andean shamanism to enhance your understanding of this healing tradition.

Email ross@thefourgates.com for a free Information Pack.

If you’d like to combine your visit to Cusco with a journey to the Amazon, also ask about our Magical Earth programme, where we work with ayahuasca, the legendary vine of souls. This two-week Amazon adventure is available as a prelude to the Cactus of Vision journey or can be booked as an extraordinary experience in its own right.

Email ross@thefourgates.com for a free Information Pack.

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Author's Bio: 

Ross Heaven is a therapist, workshop leader, and the author of several books on shamanism and healing, including Darkness Visible, the best-selling Plant Spirit Shamanism, The Way of The Lover, The Journey to You, and Love’s Simple Truths. His website is www.thefourgates.com where you can also read how to join his Sacred Journeys to the plant spirit shamans and healers of the Amazon and Andes.