Perhaps your mood of the moment is the most important criterion for determining what "Playing at the Edge of Life" means to you. Playing, edge, and life are all open to considerable interpretation. How you view or interpret the phrase today, you may give it a different meaning tomorrow. As you consider the meaning of the phrase, please also consider how empowering the ideas are that you associate with the phrase.

Play. I love to play, even if someone I am assisting is in the midst of despair or confusion. Sometimes I play quietly because if someone is more fascinated with struggle than playfulness, I can put them in greater resistance by being too playful. Instead, I show just enough lightness so the person is able to receive it and perhaps breathe just a little more freely. Raucous or joyous play can be annoying to those who are invested in problems or focused on the serious side of life. My intention is always to help a person to move to or toward empowerment, not to go deeper into disempowerment.

Edge. I help people to stretch to and beyond the edge of their ordinary awareness. In my guided meditations, I often direct meditators' attention to the edge of their energy field or encourage stepping to the edge of the comfort zone. After playing for a while where it is most familiar with a little newness, a new outer edge is created. The experience of the "edge" may be a point, a line, a sphere, an image, or any concept. Stretching beyond the edge makes everyday life richer and more satisfying. The expansion opens to greater empowerment.

Life. I know that most persons define "life" by their understanding of a very small portion of life: the experience in the human body. Life is so much bigger than that! Of course, in saying this I do not intend to minimize this human life, only to point out that life is more than what is contained in the physical form. I expect that since you are reading this article, you already understand this intellectually, and yet you may sometimes forget. I know I forget from time to time.

So, consider what it means to you today to play at the edge of life. How can you make your play more empowering? How can you stretch yourself to greater fulfillment? Where is your edge right now?

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Jeanie Marshall is a Personal Development Consultant and Coach with Marshall House,
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