Have you ever been so sure about something, like a relationship or a job direction, when someone says something to make you question it? When we are following our own truth, no matter what, and are moving in the direction of our dreams, it feels pretty darn good!! But, when someone we love and/or respect questions our choices, it can really throw us for a loop. Why? Because it triggers our fears. All of a sudden we are afraid of messing up. For some people this will stop them in their tracks. All their past mistakes and past conditioning comes flooding back and there is no way we want to go down that road again!!

But what if we really were finally on the right track? What if we just listened, said “thank you for your concerns” and kept moving in the direction that feels good? On the other hand, what if the direction we were going did lead to a mistake and your friend or relative was right? Would that be so bad? We’ve survived mistakes in the past. And each mistake has lead to a new desire and put us on a new path. We grew!

When we are so afraid of making mistakes and living our lives playing it safe, we stop growing. If we just play it safe so we do not have to be scared, embarrassed or hurt, but, we will find ourselves “stuck” and wonder why everyone else seems to have what we want, except us.

If we are afraid of making mistakes because we are afraid of the results, we will most likely be missing out on some wonderful opportunities as well! All the people I know who are living a fulfilling life, pursued their dreams in spite of being uncomfortable. They did not let their fears override their desires!

If we have built our self a nice little box out of years of doing and not doing things a certain way based on past conditioning and other peoples “concerns’ for us keeping us afraid to venture outside that box, letting life pass us by on remote control, then we are in danger of not growing or ever really getting what we want out of life.

The antidote is to do something that stretches us. Do it in the direction of your desires. Schedule that workshop, ask for that raise, and take a chance on that relationship. Try something new, like scuba diving, acting, painting, or a new sport. Start taking steps toward that new career. Especially if we are afraid we will fail! The more we do this, the more our vision will expand and the more we will see what is possible!!!

How cool would it be if we really started rising to a new level in our life? How much more exciting would life be if we started doing things we’ve never done before and got rid of the thoughts that tend to sabotage our goals? What if we made the choice to not share certain goals with certain people-you know who they are-the ones who think they know you better than you know yourself, have their own agendas for you or are projecting their own fears onto you.

Take a risk, make a mistake, learn, grow and let the glorious expansion begin!!!!!

Author's Bio: 

A life and spiritual coach, Debra is the founder, president and CEO of Amazing Journey Life Coaching Services (www.amazingjourneycoach.com), a personal and spiritual development coaching company and on-line community for midlife women. Her work as an entrepreneur, wellness director of a large YMCA, author, speaker, and coach has resulted in her being recognized as an expert in personal and transformational success.
Debra has combined her education to suit her lifelong desire to know and understand the Spirit-Mind-Body connection and how universal laws work in our lives. She has a bachelor’s degree in wellness education with an emphasis in behavioral psychology, a master’s degree in community counseling and a Doctorate in metaphysics. Debra speaks to a variety of audiences on spiritual principles for awakening the power within to create positive life changes. She is the author of the e-book “Awakening the Power Within to Create Your Best Life”, along with several other e-books and e-courses.
In addition to the above, Debra’s new adventure with an on-line personal development business based in the law of attraction (www.amazingjourneycoach.info) is the perfect fit with her background, experience and education and she is excited to be a part of such a powerful network of leaders in the personal development business.

Debra is happily married, and is the proud parent of two biological sons and one stepson ages 24-28. She resides in her dream geographical location-the west coast of Florida! She is a health and fitness enthusiast, an avid reader of spiritual and metaphysical literature, and is committed to helping others grow and create their best lives.