All life experience owes its existence to the essential Law of Polarity which offers the opportunity of contrast in life. The Law of Polarity causes waves, the warp and woof, in life experience. Polarity is a basic and essential element of existence and of all experience. While it is a quite simple concept, understanding the role of polarity in human experience is one of crucial importance.

To really appreciate how life works, how love works, how relationships change, the purpose and value of suffering as an essential partner to happiness, we must first understand polarity.

A polarity is a single concept of experience that is stretched in two opposing directions, thereby creating a spectrum. Take the polarity concept of temperature: its spectrum spans all the gradations on the scale between the extremes of intense heat and cold.

In our life experience, because of the Law of Polarity, we can experience all the gradations of every emotion and feeling. Take the polarity spectrum of joy and sadness. Having reached a peak level of experience of joy, we can only fully appreciate its ecstasy by comparing our experience to its opposite: sadness, or absence of joy. Then we have a yardstick to evaluate our experience of joy.

Likewise with all our emotions, all our feelings, our physical, mental and spiritual experiences: we must understand the power and inevitability of polarity in our life. In fact the very purpose of human life is to experience as wide a range of variations of feeling as possible in every aspect of our being and on all levels of experience. We must understand that life does, and always will, offer us experience in waves of intensity of feeling.

This is what makes our human experience so precious and powerful. When we understand this is how life and experience work, that life flows in waves of intensity of experience and does so across all gradations of the polarity spectrum, then we can be absolutely sure that what has gone down, will come up again. There will be lean times and times of prosperity; there will days when nothing seems to go right, and others when life flows like magic. And yes, your relationships, too, follow the same inevitable wave motion.

By resisting the negative times, we perpetuate our pain, because the law is that resistance causes persistence. This is why there is such power in allowing what is in our experience, to be as it is for the moment. The wave of life will lift us up inevitably, if we do not fight against life, but simply experience it out. It takes a wise and discerning person to know when to resist and when to allow.

Tread gently.

You have a tool now, your knowledge and understanding of how the Law of Polarity works in life. Use it to help you through the peaks and troughs of the waves of life experience. Open your being to a greater capacity for more expansive feelings, deeper love, greater joy and more intense living.

Happy sailing.

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