As opposed to what one may think when planning his or her vacations, Spain is not so far. It has become closer, it has become a popular destination for economical holidays in Europe. Nowadays, in the age of low-budget airfares between Spain and other EU countries, a trip to Spain from say UK, Ireland and Scandinavia is a question of several dozens of Euros and a couple of hours.

The transportation has become so fast and so ridiculously cheap if you book in advance that people start going to this southern European country like to a closely located summerhouse – for a weekend! My friends from London visit their vacation house on the Costa Blanca every second weekend all year round using low-cost flights to Alicante: 3 hours and they are there!

Costa Blanca is now becoming more and more popular destination for budget holidays on the Mediterranean Sea. There are several reasons for it.

First is the multiplication of the low-cost flights to Murcia and Alicante, two local community capitals. Next follows the recent Spanish real-estate boom that resulted in an overproduction and, consequently, unprecedented low prices for accommodation in Spain. There are thousands of high standard newly built houses along the Spanish Mediterranean coast waiting for renters and buyers. That makes it easy for vacationers to find an inexpensive high quality accommodation on the Costa Blanca.

Nevertheless, the main reasons for traveling to the Costa Blanca rest of course its distinctive culture, its warm climate and the unspoiled beaches with the clean seawater. Spanish southern coasts have been, due to the former communist regime in Spain, much less used by vacationers in the last decades than other European Mediterranean coasts. That is why nowadays the beaches of Costa Blanca are preserved unimpaired. Besides, as Spain is located just on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the waters of both basins mix up bringing to the Spanish coasts a massive flow of fresh healthy water and fish from the Atlantic.

According to the Foundation for Environmental Education, granting the prestigious award of the Blue Flag, the Spanish beaches are the cleanest in Europe, and the beaches of the Costa Blanca take the first place amongst all Spanish beaches. The vacationers here enjoy the fine light-yellow send that gave the name to the Costa Blanca (“White Beach”).

Costa Blanca offers a microclimate as regarded by the World Health Organisation as one of the healthiest in the world with an average annual temperature 24°Ñ and more than 300 days of unspoilt sunshine per year!

Besides, life on the Costa Blanca is generally cheaper than on the other Mediterranean coasts like Costa del Sol and Mallorca. On the typical Spanish markets, you can buy excellent fresh fruits and vegetables as well as cheap but good quality Spanish shoes and other leather products. Shoe making and leather working are traditional crafts in Spain.

All these reasons result in Costa Blanca becoming now a popular destination for holidaymakers, especially young families with children that cannot afford an expensive vacation. By the way, Costa Blanca offers many children entertainment centers and amusement parks to attract family vacationers even more.

As you can see, the Costa Blanca represents nowadays a fantastic destination for budget holidays in Europe.

Author's Bio: 

Anna Nilova is the owner of the Budget Holidays on the Costa Blanca site with some travel tips for the Costa Blanca region and particularly Gran Alacant, a little town situated 10km from Alicante. You can go directly to the Holiday Home in Gran Alacant page to view the house she offers for vacation rent.