An absolutely crucial ingredient toward the accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor is the mindset that you can and will achieve the results you want. This is called Positive Expectancy.

To achieve the success you envision, you must believe that you are capable of making it happen. For some people, this deep-seated belief comes quite naturally. However, for many of us we frequently question our ability to ultimately succeed at accomplishing our dreams – lacking a sense of positive expectancy.

There are a variety possible reasons as to why we question that we can't or won't follow through with a desired objective. Perhaps we have allowed ourselves to absorb repeated negative comments over the years, or maybe we didn't receive a sufficient dose of positive reinforcement in our youth. Of course, there are numerous other potential reasons or excuses.

If you are one who needs to regroup and begin the process of taking back control of your outlook toward positive outcomes, the good news is that it is entirely possible. The bad news is that successful achievements simply won't happen unless you believe they are possible and make the commitment to passionately pursue your goals.

It may take awhile to condition yourself to develop a pattern of authentic positive expectancy, but it is most likely easier than you imagine. Once you accept that the brain responds to what it is conditioned to expect, then the process begins to make sense. For example, if one is conditioned to expect failure, one can also be conditioned to expect successful results.

Thomas Jefferson was right on target when he stated that, "Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal." Over time, Mr. Jefferson conditioned his mind to expect positive outcomes. He developed an attitude of thought that attracted positive results, people, and circumstances that supported the fulfillment of his goals. He nurtured self-belief and self-confidence. Developing "the right mental attitude" for successful outcomes is possible for each of us.

If the concept of truly believing that you are capable of achieving a major goal is a bit overwhelming, then begin with a smaller, more manageable objective and progress to a larger goal. Remember, each of us had to crawl before we could walk. Allow yourself the opportunity to develop a pattern of positive expectancy. With time, your mind will be conditioned to support you as if you have the wind at your back.

This week, next month, and the year ahead will unfold as you expect it will. In other words, if your outlook and belief system is positive and you genuinely expect like results, you are certainly going to realize greater personal fulfillment.

This does not mean that your pursuit will always be a bed of roses just because you positively expect that outcome. But, positive expectancy begets positive results more of the time and provides the foundation for overcoming challenges along the way.

Adversely, if you approach your life with the attitude that nothing will improve or that you are destined for a “Murphy’s Law” existence (what can go wrong will go wrong), that’s pretty much what you can expect.

It boils down to a powerful choice: positive expectancy or negative expectancy.

The person who practices the attitude of positive expectancy becomes proficient at turning problems into solutions, embraces responsibility as opportunity, and attacks adversity as an opportunity for learning and strengthening abilities and resolve. The depth of your success greatly depends upon your commitment to your positive expectations.

Here are 5 components that contribute to Positive Expectancy:

1. Clearly decide on what it is that you desire — be precise, write down details.

2. Use your imagination and consistently visualize the results you want.

3. Truly believe in your pursuit, no matter how many obstacles appear.

4. Enthusiastically take action and doggedly overcome challenges.

5. Be positive, expect the results you want.

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David Schaefer is a success coach and writes on the topics of personal development and Internet marketing. He offers a FREE AUDIO CD about Breakthrough Success at Discover Million Dollar Desire. Also visit his blog at Discover Million Dollar Desire Blog.