Positive thinking is not all that’s involved in leveraging the Law of Attraction. There’s actually quite a bit more to it than that. Luckily managing the Law of Attraction is not our job, but the universe’s. There’s just way too much involved.

That’s why it’s funny that if you listen to Law of Attraction critics, they invariably talk about how you can’t sit around visualizing a red sports car and have one magically materialize of out thin air.

Well if that were true everyone would have a bunch of stuff and the universe would be a lot less complicated that it is. So I agree with the critics on that count.

The fact is that that the universe is one complicated place and so is the Law of Attraction.
Take the butterfly effect for example. The butterfly effect is a phrase initiated by MIT meteorology Edward Lorenz. It is the concept the even the smallest of events – like a butterfly flapping its wings – can have a huge and widespread consequences.

The same kind of thing happens when you begin to think positively. Imagine a young girl named Tasha, who attends an inner city high school. Up until her freshman year of college it seemed inevitable that she would end up a pregnant teen like so many of the people around her.

But then everything changes when she goes to stay with her aunt for a month. She sees a world she never really believed existed. She is acknowledged for her intelligence, creativity and common sense.

All of a sudden this young girl from a high school with over a sixty percent drop out rate begins to believe that it may be possible to go to college and her entire world begins to change.

Tasha starts working harder in school. She may find a counselor to guide her through the college application process. Her aunt continues to mentor her from afar.

She may look at her friends in a different light when they choose activities that will lead to the typical inner city dead-end. She may choose different classes than her friends.

Next she may become active in activities inside and outside of her immediate community. Finally at the end of the process she receives a scholarship and enters college.

How did all of this being? With positive thinking. Was that the end all and be all of the
Law of Attraction. No?

Tasha’s positive thinking allowed her to open up to a whole new world of possibilities. Her environment and her actions began to change. But it all started with positive thinking.

I like to think of the process of leveraging the Law of Attraction in terms of what you are CALLED to do.

C – Choose what it is that you want
A - Anticipate what it will be like to have what you want
L – Listen to your intuition
L – Look for opportunities
E - Expect your desire to come true
D - Do what it takes to make it happen

But it really does all start with positive thinking, because without a positive thought, there is no new direction or opportunity.


Author's Bio: 

Trudi L. White is a writer and a Next Action Coach. She has spent over 20 years studying spiritual and success principles.