Consuming the right type of carbohydrates and protein at the opportune time creates a powerful anabolic (muscle building) environment. Individuals who train at a high intensity must consume their carbohydrates immediately following their training session in order to get the blood insulin levels up quickly. Following your training session the metabolic pathway is supporting muscle anabolism.

Skipping your post workout meal leaves the muscles and liver depleted causing the secretion of catabolic (muscle breakdown) hormones. This is an unwanted condition for anyone trying to build or tone muscle. The post-training meal will allow for the restoration of glycogen and blood glucose. It is at this crucial time that the process of reloading nutrients is priority in physiologic terms.

To take advantage of this precious moment, have a dose of simple carbohydrates mixed with about 25-35gms of easily assimilated protein. The carbohydrates should come in the form of a liquid for quick digestion. Consume about 0.5 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight. Using a juice containing a high sucrose to fructose ratio is preferable, grape, orange, or tangerine juices are excellent examples.
Don’t forget the protein! Adding whey protein, to the replenishment drink will provide the depleted muscle cells with a highly powerful concoction consisting of glucose and amino acids. Furthermore, it produces an increase in blood insulin resulting in maximal nutrient uptake. The glucose will be transported into the muscle cells and locked inside as glycogen, which will be available for energy. The protein will stimulate protein synthesis inside the mitochondria of the muscle. Mitochondria are microscopic powerhouses, which energize activity. The more mitochondria that your cells possess the more stamina you will have. Resistance training increases the number of mitochondria inside the muscle cells.
The culminating result: the protein and carbohydrate liquid concoction will cease muscle catabolism and increase muscle anabolism, drink up!

Note: The info in this article is NOT to be used by anyone with a medical condition, especially diabetics.

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