What if I told you there was no such thing as coincidence? Would you argue with me? I believe in the power of raised awareness, of positive intention, of thoughts becoming actions. What is our role in each of these? How can we manifest serendipitous coincidence in all the positive areas of our lives?

There are no coincidences in life. Only moments of raised awareness.
Think about it. You have a conversation with a friend about how a song reminds you of someone and suddenly, that song is played everywhere. You take a liking to a new model of car that just came out. Now you see it everywhere. You’ve raised your awareness about a particular object and your attention is focused on it. Therefore you notice it appears all the time. Think about how many things pass you by each day, what would happen if you shifted your attention onto them?

Kind of makes you wonder what the power of attention can do. If our life’s “coincidences” happened in the areas of abundance, love and prosperity, would we all be happier? Where are you focusing your attention?

Inner Balance = Outer Awareness.
It’s an easy equation. When you’re at peace within yourself, you notice more and have the capacity to absorb more outside of yourself. Take a close look at the fibers that weave all those chance happenings together. Think about your role in them. Had you verbalized or focused mentally on certain intentions? The Universe is not conspiring for or against you without your permission. Your thoughts and your emotions are driving your chance moments. Your job is to pay attention.

Your life reflects much of what is going around you and the balance you’ve created. Sometimes our signals are far more innocuous than others. Are you able to see them? When we are calm and happy with our place in life (which admittedly is not 100 percent of the time), we notice these little signals much more easily. When was the last time you experienced a coincidence? Now, how would you rate your life balance?

Reading between the lines.
By becoming in tune with life’s little signals, it’s actually fairly easy to determine if you’re headed in the right direction or into a dead-end. I’ll give you an example. Twice now I have taken interest in different condos in my area. And twice now the day before I was supposed to make an offer or go see them, something happened so they were taken off the market. Reading between the lines, my intuition tells me that isn’t not the right time – or those weren’t the right places. Pay attention to how you feel when coincidences occur. Do you have a knot in the pit of your stomach, or do you feel peaceful acceptance?

Each time you experience one of life’s coincidences, think back to how you manifested it. Did you recently have a conversation about it, an emotion or a strong thought? Probably so. You can choose to move forward, with said coincidence carrying you on a wave of positive energy, or you can choose to back off based on the emotional charge the coincidence provides. In the end though, your increased awareness is what brought it to your attention, so it’s up to you what you do with it.

Aha! Moments
Coincidence, serendipity, fate…all of these words imply an act of mischievous connection. Happenstance. While I secretly love to indulge in such ideas, I’m actually far more passionate about the moments in life when my clients confidently announce what they truly want to occur. Then, in our next session announce with amazement, “you’ll never guess what happened!” Of course, I heard the passion and depth with which they proclaimed what they wanted so I just grin and ask, ”what happened? Fill me in…”

When you can verbally commit to what you want in life, you demand action from yourself and from the Universe. I call these – Passionate Proclamations!
Step 1: Become crystal clear about what you want.
Step 2: Proclaim said want with unabated passion!
Step 3: Do your part to make it happen.
Step 4: Watch for the Universe’s response in coincidences.

“Be careful what you wish for” is a common phrase. What we think about most – occurs. So let’s play a little mind game here because thoughts can be tricky. Where is your focus right now? Let’s say that you are worried about losing your job. You continue to think and verbalize that you are worried about losing your job. This seems like a positive thing, right? Who wants to lose their job? In reality though, what you are focusing on most is actually losing your job! If instead, you focus on what you want in an ideal job, “coincidence” would have it that life delivers it to you – in the form of a new job or your current job.

We so often forget that when you keep your thoughts away from what you don’t want and instead keep your emotions and intentions in the areas that you do want: you create powerful change within your own life. You create your reality. Have fun with the crazy coincidences and go ahead and laugh a little to yourself at the irony behind your thoughts becoming tangible answers. You’ve worked hard for it!

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