Most people believe that they must set goals if they are to find any level of success. Well, I am here to tell you that goal setting is absolute crap, at least in the conventional sense. Most of the guru's out there will tell you that you must know what you want, then set smaller goals as benchmarks to get to where you want to go. Then take the time to figure out how to get there. Though this is an ok method for accomplishing goals, it lacks a few major elements for goal accomplishment and setting.

First of all, goals are nothing more than emotionally driven dreams, if they are done properly. The problem with conventional goal setting is that we simply write things we want down, and how we plan on getting there. Most of the time, these lists get set aside only to be looked at once or twice. They don't have the real important ingredient for goal setting. Most goal setting methods lack passion, they lack drive, emotion, a burning desire to have what you want. If you are to set goals successfully, you must put as much emotion into setting those goals, and acquiring those goals in your life. A goal without emotion and drive and passion isn't worth the paper they are written on.

You must also set a deadline for your goals. A goal without a deadline, a specific date when it will be a reality in your world, is no more useful than a knife with no edge. Dare to dream big, but give your big dreams a deadline. Believing that your deadline is possible is also an important piece of setting goals. You must be able to believe that you can accomplish your goal in the time you give yourself for doing so. Remember that the universe has no understanding of time. Time is a man made thing, however, time will restrict your progress if you don't believe that you can do what it is you want to do in the amount of time you give yourself to do it.

You must also be picture perfect in your mind's eye about what you want. Be willing to dream big. If you want a million dollars, write that down. Don't concern yourself with how you will get what you want, just know that you will and believe that you deserve it. You will find a way if you believe that you deserve it. So dream as big as you wish. Set a specific deadline and time line for getting what you want. Then pack as much emotion and passion into your goal as you possibly can. This combination is the most powerful method for setting and reaching any goal that you set for yourself.

The way to what you want isn't as important as so many people believe it to be. Every successful person through out history created and achieved what they were after, many times with no clue how they were going to get there. The path will be shown to you if you set the goal, set a deadline, and put your positive emotional energy as well as your mental thoughts and focus. As the path is shown to you, the smaller goals to get to where you want to go will open up and show themselves to you.

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