One of the misconceptions about menopause is that once the symptoms start many women consider they are into menopause. Well, this is true in a sense but menopause doesn't actually commence at least 12 months following a woman's last period.

What you're more than likely experiencing is pre menopause and symptoms can occur years before the big "M" actually arrives.

The arrival of pre menopause symptoms will be different for most women. While 40 and beyond is recognized as the most likely time of a woman's life when she'll be affected by symptoms it's not uncommon for women to experience symptoms in their thirties.

Pre Menopause Symptoms

There needs to be a distinction made between the symptoms you are currently experiencing and whether they actually are pre menopause symptoms.

Mother nature can play some interesting tricks on us. For example, many women have reported menopause-like symptoms only to discover they are actually suffering from thyroid disorders. Does this present a problem? Well, if you're not sure and consider your still a little too young to be worrying about menopause always see your doctor for clarification.

Thyroid disorders have the ability to mimic pre menopause symptoms and the truth is, unless you are examined by your doctor telling the difference between the two can be almost impossible

How To Determine When You'll Experience Menopause

One of the things to remember to be able to cope with pre menopause symptoms is the more you know about it the better.

Sure, knowing what it is and how it could affect you will not prevent it and you'll need to experience the symptoms but mentally prepared women do much better than those who are in denial until it arrives.

One rule of thumb is to know when your mother and even grandmother experienced menopause. Unless they had surgically induced menopause then this is often a good guide to determining what age you're likely to see symptoms arrive.

Symptoms Of Pre Menopause

Let's take a look at some of the symptoms which you might experience. These are the most common and if you're experiencing them then see your doctor for clarification.

1. Change in periods. This is probably the biggest tell-tale sign of pre menopause symptoms. Look for irregularity in your periods such as shorter or longer periods. If you start missing periods then this is a strong sign that something is definitely at play.

2. Hot flashes are another common symptom and have a spin off of effects which can play havoc with a woman's life. Hot flashes and night sweats affect sleep patterns which in turn affects mood and so on.

3. Mood changes are another strong sign. Mood changes can be as a result of lack of sleep due to hot flashes or as a result of estrogen changes. Depression and anxiety are also related to mood changes.

4. Vaginal dryness affects a woman's sex life making sex painful which can in turn lead to decrease in sex drive and ultimately conflict with your partner.

5. Menopause weight gain especially around the mid section is another symptom which means you'll need to re-consider your diet and exercise routine.

6. Urinary conditions with problems such as UTI could increase and can be related to pre menopause symptoms.

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