You can prevent eating disorders by becoming aware about the dangers that they pose to your health and well being. An eating disorder is a condition that you should not dismiss as something that is not serious. If you do not seek early treatment, it can affect your entire self-image but also permanent damage to your body. In the worst case scenario, eating disorders can cause complications that are life threatening.

You need to consult your doctor right away if you suspect that you are suffering from an eating disorder. Here are some of the most common health dangers that you expose to with an eating disorder:

1. Anorexia. In your quest to being thin, you deny your body of important food and nutrients. When you stop eating, your body grows weak and its natural processes slow down as it tries to conserve energy. You will grow weak and lose muscle and bone density. If you allow this to continue over an extended period of time, you may end up with several serious health complications.

Your heart rate also starts to slow down and you suffer from low blood pressure. You may also get kidney failure if your body is dehydrated long enough.

Physically, you would see dry hair, dull skin, and hair loss. You may also start to grow fine hair over your entire body because your body is trying to maintain a steady temperature. You also become easily fatigued, prone to fainting and feel generally weak all over.

2. Bulimia. If you are bulimic, then you are engaging in a cycle of binging and purging. This cycle is unhealthy. Your binging and purging sessions will lead to chemical and electrolyte imbalances. This can have vast consequences on the health of your heart and other vital organs.

You can get irregular heartbeats and heart failure because of imbalances. Since you are suffering from dehydration and the loss of potassium and sodium, you can end up with gastric rupture and other serious digestive problems.

You may also rupture your esophagus because of your repeated vomiting. You will also have dental problems including serious tooth decay because of the stomach acids that you are frequently vomiting.

With poor digestion, you can also suffer from irregular bowel movements and constipation. Bowel difficulty can affect other aspects of your health when you are unable to clear waste material from your body properly.

3. Binge Eating. If you are a binge eater, then you would find it difficult to control how much and what kind of food you eat. You have no awareness that you should stop eating when it is time to do so and often eat beyond than what is necessary. Although you may feel sick afterwards, you simply find it hard to stop your habits.

The problem also lies when you eat large amounts of unhealthy foods. Such foods put you at risk of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, clinical obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and gallbladder disease. Being fat and with an inability to control your eating habits, you are also likely to be more depressed. Overall, the state of your health and well being declines.

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