From time to time, every entrepreneur (I don’t care WHO you are) becomes the actor, desperately trying to decide whether or not to spend money on the growth of his/her business, when to spend it and on what. It feels as if we are walking on a tightrope, fearing that one slight wrong move in any direction will cause us to loose footing where we can join the other fallen business owners at the “Cemetery for Entrepreneurial Losers.” Problem is, we reach a point where in order for our profits to exponentially grow, we are going to have to dish out the dough. Whether it be on learning the fundamentals of a Healthy Mindset (probably the MOST important key), hiring a VA or implementing a kick-ass direct mail campaign, we’ve just go to do it.

TIP: Accept the fact that sometimes you have to spend money in order to grow your business. Prioritize by first spending it on developing your skills as a business owner, THEN work on the other stuff.

Did you know that most business owners do just the reserve?

That’s why so many fail. Most feel they either ‘know it all’ already or couldn’t possibly need to waste time & money focusing on remedial self-growth. The apparent ignorance of the novice leads to their demise.

Then there’s the “OH-MY-GOD-I-HAVE-TO-HAVE-THIS-NEXT-TOOL-BECAUSE-IT’S-GOING-TO-MAKE-ME-MONEY” addict. You find these people feverously buying every program they can get their hands on. Those programs can be a wise investment, but there is a catch. Take a look around your office or home right now and count up the number of programs you’ve bought but haven’t completed. Did you know that over 90% of people who buy programs, at home study courses, etc., NEVER OPEN THEM! OMG!

If you happen to be one of those Program Buying Addicts, do yourself a favor and just go to a few live events each year. Not only will your dollar go further, but you’ll also be actively studying the information so you’ll get a real return on your investment.

When prioritizing your business spending, you’ve also got to STOP making emotional decisions. If you want to be a truly successful business owner, you must learn to regularly take a step back and ask yourself, “Will spending money on this particular service, product, etc. help me earn a greater profit and/or leverage my current business? Lastly, you’ve got to be WILLING TO SPEND. I know, I know…this is where a lot of entrepreneurs start feeling the pangs of roller-coaster-like anxiety in their stomach, but it’s a must.

The trick is learning to spend your dollars wisely for leveraging purposes like on proven marketing strategies, a super VA, or on a mindset or sales training. Finally, if you’re ever undecided on what to spend those dollars on, do yourself another favor and spend them on yourself. It’s the only way to guarantee a return for your money.

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Monaica Ledell is recognized as an expert Million Dollar Business Strategist. She works with serious business owners to develop easy, fun and noticeable mindset and creative marketing strategies to assist them in hitting the 7-Figure mark in an easier and more profitable manner. Read more on Monaica's Million Dollar Modernizations by visiting