The world of the private eye offers people an opportunity to experience lots of variety in their job but becoming a private eye is not as easy as many are led to believe.

In this article, we'll list six avenues you can explore if you're planning to become a private investigator. The private investigation field is a growing industry with many jumping careers mid stream to join the ranks of the world's super sleuths.

How To Become A Private Eye

1. The first thing you need to explore are the licensing requirements in your state. These can vary from state to state. Don't assume you can just become a private eye without finding out the legal requirements. So check with your local authority to see what your obligations to licensing are.

2. If you are totally inexperienced in investigative work then contacting private eye firms for information is a great start. Look locally first and then expand your search and simply ask the question of what is the best way to get started in the private eye field.

3. If you do have investigative experience or experience in the area of law or the military then again, contact firms and offer your services. At first, you may need to offer yourself in a work experience way or asking if the firm could use some extra assistance so you can gain some experience in the industry.

4. Invest in yourself. In other words, even before you offer your services to private eye firms get the necessary training. Training is an important part of the due diligence process and is not just about reading books on the topic. Get more intensive training such as completing certified courses. Your local college or university should have plenty of information on completing online courses administered by third parties.

5. Consider training in a specific field of private investigation. The industry has diversified a lot in recent years and it's not just about a private eye working on his own tailing suspects anymore. Corporate companies have their own dedicated teams of private eyes; P.I.s have to have a certain amount of computer experience or you could simply specialize in the area of criminal law.

6. If you are not a good communicator then get training in this area. A good private eye is usually very good at communicating. This doesn't just relate to verbal communication but also the written word. Private eyes need to be able to communicate with people from different walks of life and status so being versatile in this area will hold you in good stead. You'll need to write very well as communicating via the written word such as preparing reports for clients is crucial.

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