Have you ever realized that the quality of your life is determined by how good a problem solver you are? Our days are a series of decisions to be made, all of them with consequences either good or bad. If you are plagued with anxiety about decision making or fear anything but the absolute perfect solution, daily decisions can be torture and larger problems can be almost debilitating. Sometimes it's a matter of our approach to problem solving, It can seem disorganized and disjointed, our mind may be organized in such a way that problem solving seems chaotic and we may suffer from an inability to prioritize issues, thoughts, and details.

If this is you stepping 'out side of the box' of normal usual considerations can be a valuable tool to gain perspective and insight. If you regularly get stuck or frozen ask yourself these questions:

If this problem were a blessing in disguise what would that blessing be?

If this problem were here to teach you an important life lesson what would it be?

If this situation were trying to get your attention completely unrelated to the problem what would it be?

If this current dilemma represents a tiny corner of a larger painting, what does the whole painting look like?

When you think about this situation, what do you feel in your body? What are these feelings trying to tell you?

If this situation were a fairy tale, what would it be about? What would it's title be?

When you come at a problem from a completely different perspective, not to mention a completely different and more creative side of the brain, it's amazing the depth and solutions we can find while getting 'unstuck'.

If you suffer from anxiety, fearfulness, perfectionism, or just plain poor decision making ability try this for yourself and if you would like further help delving deeper into the core of these issues please call me or visit my web site for more information and tips at CathyRoysTherapy.com I can be reached by phone at (619) 518-1323 and I would love to hear from you.

As always
Many Blessings,

Cathy Roys MFT

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I am a Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in La Mesa, Ca. dealing with issues of co-dependency, ACOA, boundary setting and developmental injuries affecting us as adults. I also specialize in couples counseling. I can be contacted at 619 518-1323 or on my website at CathyRoysTherapy.com