The existence of God can be proved in two ways – by practical demonstration and by deduction. These two methods are employed because they are acceptable to science. In science, fact can be established by practical demonstration and knowledge can be arrived at by deduction.

Let us begin with the method of practical demonstration.

We are told that the earth has a magnetic field. We cannot see, hear or touch this magnetic field. However, science is able to show proof of its existence in this way. When a bar magnet is suspended so that it can swing freely on a horizontal plane, it will always come to rest with its north pole pointing approximately towards the geographic north. So, although we cannot see, hear or touch the earth’s magnetic field, science can prove its existence by demonstrating its effect on a freely suspended bar magnet. This, therefore, means that a thing that is not observable does in actual fact exist if it produces observable effects on some other thing.

God is not observable. We cannot see, hear or touch Him. However, God produces observable effects in the lives of human beings. When we put our faith in Him, we experience the effect of His power.

Countless cases and instances abound of people who, when they were in difficulty, put their faith in God and experienced the positive effect of His power. Below is one of the many testimonies and incidents recounted in the book, The Power of Positive Thinking , by Norman Vincent Peale (World’s Work Ltd, Publishers). (To keep this article from being lengthy, I have chosen this rather brief testimony which can be found on pages 195 and 196).

Another efficient woman physician wrote me of her own development in combining the therapy of medicine and faith.

“I became interested in your straight forward religious philosophy. I had been working at top speed and getting tense, irritable, and at times beset with old fears and guilts, in fact in need of a release from morbid tension. At a low moment early one morning I picked up your book and began to read it. This was the prescription that I needed. Here was God, the great Physician, with faith in Him as an antibiotic to kill the germs of fear and render useless the virus of guilt.

“I began to practice the good Christian principles outlined in your book. Gradually there came a release of tension and I felt relaxed and happier and I slept well. I quit taking vitamin and pep pills. Then, she adds, and this is what I want to emphasize, “I began to feel that I wanted to share this new experience with my patients, those who came to me with neuroses. I was surprised to find how many had read your book and others. The patient and I seemed to have a common ground to work on. It has been an enriching experience. To talk about a faith in God has become a natural and easy thing to do.

“As a doctor”, she adds, “I have seen a number of miraculous recoveries due to Divine aid being given. In the past few weeks I have had an additional experience. My sister had to undergo a serious operation about three weeks ago. Following the operation she developed intestinal obstruction. On her fifth day she was very critically ill, and as I left the hospital at noon I realized that she must take a turn for the better very soon or her hope of recovery would be slim. I was very worried, so I drove slowly around for about twenty minutes praying for a relief of this obstruction. (Everything that could be done medically was being taken care of). I had not been home more than ten minutes when the phone rang, and her nurse told me that the obstruction has relieved itself and that she had taken a definite turn for the better, and since that time she has recovered completely. Could I feel otherwise than that God’s intervention had saved her life?”

So runs the letter of a successful practicing physician.

If you will like many more testimonies of people’s experiences of the effect of the power of God in their lives then I recommend that you read this book.

On innumerable occasions in my own affairs, I have had to put my faith in God when I came to the limit of my abilities or resources. On every single one of those occasions I achieved the goal I desired or attained the objective I sought. On all those occasions I experienced the effect of the power of God.

The fact that God produces observable effects in the lives of human beings is incontrovertible proof that God exists.

Let us now employ deduction to again prove that God really exists.

For law and order to exist, an authority must be present to establish and maintain it. In the absence of authority, anarchy usually reigns. Events that took place not too long ago in Bagdad, capital of Iraq, will help illustrate my point.

When the government of Saddam Hussein collapsed under the onslaught of American and coalition forces, all hell broke loose. Looters spearheaded the chaos that ensued. Violence and disorderly conduct took center stage. Woman dared not step out onto the streets without the company of their men folk. Life and property were clearly insecure and you could see it glaringly demonstrated – no authority, no law and order.

Now, it is a scientific fact that natural laws exist. These are laws that apply at all times and in all places and which may be regarded as universal laws. Some examples of such laws are: the Law of Gravity, Newton’s Laws of Motion and the Law of Demand and Supply.

We also know from observation and experience that there is order in the universe. The sequence of the seasons never changes. We always go to bed at night rest assured that day will unfailingly follow night. And when it is dawn, we arise knowing that the sun will invariably rise in the east and later set in the west at dusk.

Every living thing reproduces its own kind. A corn plant will sprout from a corn seed. A dog will give birth to puppies and a pregnant human will deliver a baby human. Even then, if the white spouse of a white gentleman gives birth to a dark skinned baby, she will most certainly face accusations of unfaithfulness. White parents produce white babies and black parents produce black babies. That is the natural and unchangeable order of things. It is the order which exists in the universe that enables scientists to calculate precisely when and where the next eclipse will occur.

The fact that universal law and order exist means that a universal authority exists. God – or whatever name you choose to call this Almighty Power – is the universal authority responsible for the establishment and maintenance of universal law and order. To accept universal law and order and reject universal authority simply does not make sense. The former cannot be present without the later.

I think it is time we all face up to the fact that God, the Universal Authority, exists. It is time to acknowledge His authority over us and to make doing His will our first priority. This is the only way to go if we are to experience the full and joyous life the Almighty intended for us.

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