Protein is necessary to repair and rebuild muscles, internal organs, hair, nails, skin, and to boost the immune system.

Protein is broken down into amino acids. Amino acids are broken down and enter the bloodstream where they become transformed into one of 50,000 new proteins.

Essential Amino Acids are the 10 amino acids found only in food and not made by the body.

The body does not store excess amino acids as it can carbohydrates and fat. Every meal should have adequate amounts of protein to maintain muscle, hair, skin, nails, blood, hormones, enzymes, brain neurotransmitters, and a healthy immune system.

without proper amounts of dietary protein or if you have poor digestion of protein, the body will break down muscle to supply the essential amino acids.

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Did you know that protein is a very special role in our bodies? It helps us stay beautifull in the inside just like in the outside, due to the fact that it helps our hair and nails grow!