Indecision can weigh us down. We often spend so much time trying to decide what to do about a situation, we get stuck. It is easier to do nothing and I have seen some clients that need that gentle “nudge” to make a decision and continue moving. Often times, it isn’t easy for some of us. We can get so weighed down in trying to balance the scales (Libras take special note!) we often do nothing.

What can we do when faced with a huge decision that is yours alone to decide?
What can you do to help yourself make an important decision, know it is the right thing and let the events of the Universe help support it?

I always recommend Meditation. Although for some people it may be difficult to initially get into that state, practice does work. Find a quiet time for yourself each day, even if it’s only for a few minutes before bed. Be still and try to clear your head. Music can help us or distract us so try to find which works best for you. Slowly allow things to come to you, even if they seem unrelated to the problem at hand. Many times we are “shown” things as a way of helping us face an important decision and we need to learn to interpret what images we may be getting.

Always sleep on a big decision and never rush into something unless absolutely necessary. This is especially important for those of us that believe that “angels” and spirit guides come to us more easily when our bodies are relaxed and open as they are during sleep to help guide us in the right direction. Sometimes you will wake up and just know what you should do.

Follow your intuition. We all have it, it sometimes needs to be developed and used, however, because we had a tendency to ignore it. Don’t! This may be the most powerful tool you have!

For some of us, physical activity helps us release not only emotions but energy. Releasing some of the negative energy allows room for positive energy to flow in, giving us different perspectives, ideas and creativity. Energy releasing comes in many forms, from a massage to trying such alternative methods as Reiki, Tai Chi and Yoga. Try one or two sessions and you are likely to see a difference not only in how you reach important decisions but also how you REACT to them which can be every bit as important.

Ask people you truly trust and value; not to make the decision for you but to get a different perspective by someone you know truly cares about you and wants only the best for you. They can also be a tremendous help in just letting us speak and we often can then reach our own conclusions about a problem or situation we are dealing with.

Finally, step back. We are often too close to make a reasonable or rationale decision. What would WE tell our best friend if they had asked us? Instead of thinking in the “me,” try thinking it is someone else’s problem and that they have come to you for some guidance. What would you recommend to them?

Don’t second guess your choice! Knowing that you are moving again and keeping intentions set on the best possible outcomes will send up the positive energy to know you made the correct decision and that you are no longer “stuck” and not moving at all. Be firm in your belief that you ARE not only moving, but moving in the right direction.

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