I have a very important question. My yoga instructor told me when I get enlightened, and my third eye opens up, that my psychic abilities, intuition, and wisdom will open. Do you know of these psychic abilities? As a Christian I was raised to believe that anything psychic is bad and negative, that anything psychic and astral is demonic and should not be looked into. I'm worried about this psychic ability, can't I just bypass that and go straight to intuition (higher self)? I have also heard that using the name of Jesus Christ protects one from the astral and psychic realm, and that these realms are the realms of many minds, and not the universal one mind. Is this true, and are there any other names that protects one from the astral and psychic realms?


The gradual process of self-realization does activate latent potentialities, but when these abilities unfold in the context of awakening the wholeness of consciousness, these powers will bring you closer to the divine, not separate you from it.

There is no reason to be afraid of gaining your full human potential. There is nothing bad or negative that comes out of your enlightenment, and certainly nothing that you need to be protected from. It is not really accurate to characterize this activation of consciousness as psychic and astral powers. These abilities are not something that come from outside of you, or apart from God. They emerge spontaneously once you have cleared away the ignorance, fear and the false self from your consciousness, and become established in your higher Self.


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