Summer Messages for Everyone

People are more likely and willing to walk directly towards success now—the time of procrastination is over! Yet this is not the time to be expansive and try to cover a lot of territory—success comes from giving everything its due and being considerate.

A “changing foundation” is a lot of peoples’ issue or focus this Summer. Whether it’s your physical location or how and what you move forward, a change in your foundation brings renewed youthfulness and creative flowering.

Summer Gifts: Don’t move too fast through people-- be open and friendly, lest you miss some great experiences. Preparation and maintenance is the key to success now: give yourself the gift of preparing for any project. Be a gift to others by only mentioning problems if it’s a necessary part of fixing them. Karma calling: There are some things that pass by only once in life…take advantage!

The Will of the People in Summer 2008: To create, to feel good, to not stick to the same identity, to make better friends and plans and partners.

Psychic Messages for the Astrological Signs—Read your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

Aries: Career demands require producing, precision, the beefing up of your skills and learning new tricks. Getting physically stronger becomes easier because of better methods you find now. Decisions about partnerships, about what and who supports you, become clearer. Everything leads to getting into a more comfortable, better position: now you’re more at home with yourself; you like what you’re doing. In September expect a marked turn for the better.

Taurus: You are gradually figuring out your roots but things are not finalized or worked out. On other fronts, your creativity is breeding an awful lot of activity and new directions. Connections are valuable and everything is done for good reasons. You have a very full life in some regards while other developments are taking shape soon enough, making you feel more like you know what you’re doing.

Gemini: This would be a likely time to go on vacation or be newly inspired. Love relationships are blessed: even if you had to part, it would still be an understood parting. You carry out a dream, in some way have much more of a mission. It’s a fulfilling summer in which you may carry out a dream or feel you’re on a mission. It also turns into the time you get your priorities straight.

Happy Birthday Cancer! It looks like you’re setting up things for yourself outside your normal area, or in new venues right around home. There’s a focus on business, getting things ready-- being prepared, ready to perform or provide: people want your services. There’s a lot of interlocking activity this year: you need everything to be more relevant: you only deal with people and situations that are very meaningful to you, as if there’s not time or energy for anything else. You aim for much greater visibility and to bring out much more of yourself. There’s something kind of mysterious about this year…it’s hard to see where it all leads to. This Summer: Just make sure that everything you’re doing is worth the effort: ask yourself: “Do I really want to do the extra work or make the necessary sacrifices?” You can be concerned about success based on circumstantial lack of evidence…pick and choose your options based on a positive outlook.

Leo: You may not be in the mood to go places, but the world is ready to receive you! There’s also more to be involved in right where you are, to take you further along the road. Don’t be too self-involved and separate—explore the world and let it take you places. If you have a lot of loose ends, work at reducing them. It’s a little bit too crowded with too many things demanding your attention. You’re a little bit dimmer or duller with too much on your plate.

Virgo: There’s a fortunate co-incidence of your mood and Divine Will, where you’re willing and eager to follow a path towards illumination, greater understanding and expertise. You’re in a good position to learn, and learn things that you’re really going to use and that positively impact your behavior. It’s a fortunate cycle of connecting to people and circumstances that help you grow.

Libra: You’ve been trying to make things work in certain areas, and this Summer you give it one last try. It could be that something just needs to go, that you discover you simply have to jump ship or rise to a higher level and leave behind complications. You really want to move away from anything that hints at not working well enough. It’s “The Summer of Better Answers.”

Scorpio: There’s a lot to sort out, a lot to think about and experience. It’s also a shake-out time: what is it that demands attention, what is it that you really need to do? It’s very difficult to see what IS most important!. It may seem like an unfocused cycle yet through simply trying something out you are making your way to judgment and a better game plan. Also, if you’re looking for funds and at first don’t find them, know that Fall is much better for receiving money.

Sagittarius: You feel both a lack of control over your life and a need to make a change in direction. There’s some big prize to get but you have to get into a different environment that’s clearer. You are clearer than your current environment, and you don’t want things to be as complicated as they are around you—you need simplicity. How about a little trip to go visit friends? It looks wonderful to flow with the moment, accept an invitation or go somewhere new.

Capricorn: You’ve set a lot of financial realities in motion and are banking on a lot that you’ve been lining up for yourself going your way. You’re making moves to establish a stronger and more diversified base. There is a convergence of good fortune, good communication, good marketing, good timing, and good luck in September! The next steps in life that are right for you are into bigger worlds—that does look like where you’re going and it’s freaking you out a little, but it’s a better place so keep on going! Feel the fear and go there anyway.

Aquarius: Changes in fate, in location, changes in karma because now you belong in a different place, are creating a different foundation, yet this Summer you are in between foundations. There’s also the strong possibility of a surprise up ahead. Don’t fear, you know what’s right for you and it’s easier to “be good” and do the right thing. No matter what all else is going on, you’re finding ways to move your projects forward, you benefit from great support, and your creative life begins to make more sense.

Pisces: You can go places for new reasons this Summer, organized around something you want to do. You could feel under quite a lot of pressure to produce something and get it out in the world. Everything is all lined up to make a better, more beautiful pattern than ever before! Relationships and their potentials portend a fruitful and satisfying period. You put people in the right places and the right people find you: there’s a good order around you and in your life. This is before a new and desirable state comes into being, supported by developments of the last eight months.

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