October Psychic News--All About America

America is going to hear from a lot of people who are angry with us—more countries seem to target the United States. A change in our collective body is that we realize the import of everything, we feel everything, nobody’s numb. But we cannot see which way things are going. It’s questionable whether the stock market is repairable, whether the bailout has enough power to turn the economy around. Whatever plan is put into effect, there’s something not connecting, it’s lacking the force to make a difference, it is not a big enough scrapping of the old—there’s too much support for what is down and should be out. Upholding the old stunts the growth of the country. There is missing information at this time when deals are being made, causing more of a division when it comes out. This bailout proposal came right when Mercury retrograde started (September 25th -October 16th) making it more likely that there are hidden aspects to it we’ll find out about later. It could delay, not prevent, big losses.

What’s the best use of your time? Be like Dick Cheney, just focusing on what you want to get and going after it, not identifying with the explosions and divisions going on in the world around you. You have to be going somewhere you want to go, keen on following what’s near and dear to your heart. Stick with your own plans. Be forceful in pushing ahead with whatever you’re good at, and spend as much time as possible in inner realms where you find peace. Commit to less pressure and shorter to-do lists from the outside world. Keep up with exercise routines.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): There’s at least one direction developing circumstances point to that’s hot right now—capitalize on it! You get to do what you want to do…the month is yours to enjoy, potentially full of pleasurable activities. You make new conquests and see new money-making path, and what works for you is appreciated by others.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): You are feeling calm even while exposed to upsets and volatile scenes. Just stay where you are and let things transform around you. It’s a time to hold a peaceful place in whatever world you’re in. Chances are the spirits grant you a very big new bright idea, plan, or opportunity that has you excited…hop on it!

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): You may feel you’ve missed an opportunity, but so much else is happening that’s good! You’re involved in a re-invention of some sort. You are breaking out of an old form, there’s quite a different flower that you grow, a different way you express yourself or bloom. It’s a magical time. It’s hard to know where the winds are going to blow the seeds you’re scattering this month, especially since you’re in such an interlocking, interconnected scene. But wherever they flourish, it looks like your opportunities add up to longer-term stability. Happy Birthday Libra!!: You’ve been on the right track, working for what you want in your life, and November shows you that success is at hand. This is a more peaceful year because you’re better able to maintain peace of mind, and you already made the hard choices—now it’s likely that you reap the benefit of previous personally beneficial decisions. Health and wealth—all things material—are in good shape, and most importantly, you are happy to do those activities that support you.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): It’s as if you’re waiting for something and it’s getting late…for some reason you experience a slow-down or inability to reach a goal. You may have to change plans because of it. The brand-new is in sight, the old is winding down—and yet at the moment nothing is being produced in either direction very strongly. Change is in the works, though…a new self-identity is forming.

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