Psychic messages about Spring 2009 came very early this year: I began posting them on my blog and elsewhere in January and February, and luckily, too, because a couple of days ago on March 29th, a virus destroyed my computer and all its data. Gone is everything that I've written, diaries, artwork, and my newsletter subscription list going back to the early '80's. Of all the messages that disappeared in cyberspace about Spring 2009: the one I remember is about much can be lost during this time of extreme transition. It was: "Don't worry about what gets taken away from you now."

Psychic Insights for Spring 2009

Friendship is going to be important this Spring, as many changing things happen. April is a time of big change for people, all over the world. These can be personal changes, inner changes, and positive changes as long as one doesn't resist change. We are all here to receive--some receiving blows that wake them up, some receiving arrows of love and enlightenment. Change happens so fast now...we are worlds apart in April. Don't waste a dime of energy fretting over something that happened... everything that's meant to change, changes.

Anger can boil over in April: there's a lot of built-up negative energy in the world, and right now circumstances allow for its expression. In personal relationships, try to back out, or rest from strife, rather than trying to negotiate where it's clearly a struggle. It's better to walk away. The full moon is attracting a lot of attention, as if extreme things can happen on that full moon on the 9th. The positive use of such a cathartic time is for personal healing and the release of all one's old stories.

Help can come from new sources: masterful people at their utilitarian peak can appear, good news about alternative energy is near at hand, and later in the Spring, the planets' grinding action on all our foundations is mitigated by fortunate aspects that should lighten the atmosphere considerably and give us hope for the future. But what a beginning!

The Speaking Stones on personal and professional growth this Spring: "Speedy" is the operative word: People with talent and cooperative energy flowing through their projects and partnerships, come into full bloom rapidly this Spring. Those who are rearranging their lives, making themselves more at peace with themselves and the world, can rise quickly from past conflicts that mired them. People re-group with new focus in this Spring's powerfully transformative energy.

Out in the World: (written January, 2009) In the U.S, Obama continues to surprise the people around him; extreme economic instability is still the focus; Hillary Clinton (or another female) is in the headlines, and somewhere in the Middle East, things really blow up, affecting a whole group of people.

In America the cultural trend will be to pay attention to one's own community, to get more civic-minded and local rather than global. The colors of this new time have a richer, warmer energy, and a new strength.

Things stay up in the air for a long time, but a sense of trust and connection can build with the foundation which is not yet laid. First new laws are put in place, or trust is established, and in four or five years the young people will really make a difference. Creative simpler technologies connected to something out in space (the sun?) appear--the biggest discovery that changes things up ahead is with energy although the source isn't clear.

Spring shows the activation of karmic, impacting circumstances, the unknown effect of changes to the very foundation. Attack, war, and aggression, are a strong possibility in April, and that people are boiling over mad about something. However, regarding the U.S. and the Obama administration, divination continues to show surprise to the upside in terms of how this all works out, contrary to the headlines or logic. The idea of creating bridges through more communication with other countries looks promising-- radical innovation, completely new ways of doing things, create a more stable world. The month of May has astrological aspects indicating people could be a lot more optimistic about the future.

Que Pasa in Mexico? (posted January 23rd, 09) In the February 2008 newsletter I wrote about Calderon’s war on drugs losing steam, and that "Mexican leadership, possibly new, may shift focus away from the cartels and onto other social concerns.' Now, say the spirits, "The (Mexican) people are due for a change in what they pay attention to and how they do things...they are ripe for another order--this one has descended into chaos." Mexico has to do what Obama is trying to get Americans to do: to get all people to take responsibility, no matter what part they played. A fairer-skinned leader could rise from the middle of Mexico. This Spring could bring "dirty bombs",and that the West coast becomes more built up, or becomes more of a tourist destination.

Personal Guidance for Spring 2009
(Individual Messages for the Astrological Signs Follow)

Number One: You are Number One! Let yourself off the hook from the job of saving the world and to tend to the care and well-being of your own self. This is the mother of all inner times...use it to get those check-ups, improve personal routines, and be good to yourself. (This was particularly true in March, still the case in April.) Take care of yourself and do for yourself, first and foremost.

Expect to realign partnerships: Because divisiveness is sure to follow if you don't share values, expect to re-align, make adjustments to, or change partnerships if you and your partner are not on the same page. Spring's lesson is to be discerning about the company you keep.

Reach out to people this Spring: Make new friends, enter new social experiences--catch the spirit of adventure that's in the air, urging people to go and get involved in something leads to more pleasure and a richer life. You'll be reaping the rewards of reaching out in May.

Psychic Insights for the Astrological Signs for Spring 2009

This seems like a time that you either change, or something happens to you anyway that creates a change--everyone's bending and growing in some new way, and entering into new partnerships with themselves. For the details, read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs.

Aries: This Spring, enjoy life, be willing to relax, gathering energy and creative ideas rather than cranking them out, and with that first Spring project, just work on it when you feel like it, and stop when you don't. Everything is in place--you are better prepared for change than you might think.

Taurus: You can be worried about where life is taking you, while actually going into a more powerful place than before. You can make your own place a more powerful place for you--there is power in paying attention to the highest version of what is going on with you, the one all about your growing consciousness, your greater understanding of where you belong and where you shine.

Gemini: What you want, and where you want to go, is something you get to later, so the challenge is being in the world now in a way that makes you happy. Congratulations are in order for closing one chapter of your life, and now you're organizing around new ones. Realism is called for: you might have to make strong changes to get into the world that you want.

Cancer: Two different messages: You can feel quite special and very connected this Spring, and are likely to receive gifts that make you feel magic is at hand. Even Nature shows you its best, go out on the land! Travel plans work out well, filled with enjoyable social circumstances. #2: Time is on your side when it comes to having the right ideas at the right time: your ideas find an audience and success. P.S.: Recognize what can't be changed...the way change happens to you, you're likely to run into circumstances that can't be manipulated.

Leo: Feeling safer and healthier, with peace of mind, you begin a new journey in life this Spring. Possessing greater resolve and self-understanding, you have no need to revisit what's already happened. Now you deal with your personal power and get straight how to use it. Fatefully, a karmic interaction can head you in a particular direction. You seek to be in better form, with greater order and organization, and within you a new beauty is born.

Virgo: The world provides for you better than it has in the past. You might go on a pleasure trip! The unknown works well for you: you can build bridges and create new foundations for yourself. Education refines some important aspect of your communication. You're protected by new developments, and you land on your feet in new worlds. Bless your head (much is being released), your body, your gifts, your destiny---the future is looking good!

Libra: Change is liberating and expansive for you now, having already let go of a lot and gone through a lot--you're more or less cleaned off by the time Spring rolls around. You don't have time for too much from the past, or shouldn't make too much time. The way to run into the best possibilities is to run out to meet them--it's when you are "in the field", and embodying change, that you end up in the place with the most possibilities.

Scorpio: You break from old formats, or perhaps new arrangements are made for you. Somehow routine activities can lead to unexpected developments. Education is a valuable tool now in getting what you want. It's your actions that count-- never mind if your head goes back and forth. Your route may be obscure, but you're headed towards balance.

Sagittarius: Even if you're going in uncharted territory, it looks like you have support for taking a risk. Your good choices and helpful connections will be revealed later. You tend to be trendsetters, picking up on where things are going, more willing to leave the past behind than most, and have reason to get somewhere first.

Capricorn: Be discerning about the company you keep: you grow by going right instead of left. You find better environments for your gifts, and improved accoutrements and accessories to support you. Be suspicious of anything or anyone who has dubious qualities; it's easy to get into difficult money issues, too.

Aquarius: You have fewer questions than the rest of us, in that you know your direction and what you want to accomplish, and you're simply working on it. Self-confidence grows, even in the absence of concrete developments. Expect relationships to progress although those needing resolution will have to wait due to unknown variables, but your relationship picture trends positive.

Pisces: You are in creative mode, and in a more stable place than the average bear this Spring: You're coming from a relatively balanced place, intent on making the most of the new beginnings possible in your life, and enjoying where cooperative, collaborative partnerships can go.

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